Here are 240 fun and thought-provoking activities that enhance our Bible Study for tweens called Weave Your Word in Me.

Three activities for each lesson (a,b,c) provide a stimulating assortment. So after your child completes a lesson, use the corresponding numbered activities (1 or more) to further enrich his understanding and application of what he’s just studied. You’ll both be glad you did!

Enjoy God forever!

Susan Case Bonner


Free Outline — Lesson Titles for Teachers


31a — Great Commission Video

Our Mission: Think Smaller / Give Up — After his resurrection, Jesus stayed 40 days before he went back to heaven. During that time, he explained to his disciples what their mission would be after he left. This is how he explained their job — often referred to as the Great Commission: “All authority in […]

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rays and tower

31b — Far East Broadcasting Videos

Fulfilling the Great Commission Through Radio — Far East Broadcasting Company (FEBC) is just one of the many Christian organizations that is doing its part to fulfill the Great Commission — telling people throughout the world about Jesus Christ. They use radio to teach Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists in Southeast Asia about Jesus’ great love […]

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Turk Children Joshua Project Activity

31c — Unreached People Groups

How Can We Reach Them? — When Jesus was nearing the end of his time on Earth, he told his disciples not to fear because one day he would return. They asked him, “When will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” (Matthew 24:3 […]

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Hubble Telescope Jesus the Creator

32a — Jesus Ascended Above the Clouds (Video)

Jesus’ Return Trip to Heaven — When Jesus ascended into heaven (Acts 1), his disciples could see him until a cloud hid him from their sight. Experience what Jesus saw on the other side of the clouds by watching this amazing video that features images of the universe captured by the Hubble Telescope. The words […]

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32b — Names of Jesus Game

Learning the Names of Jesus — Two angels stood beside the disciples as they gazed up into the sky watching Jesus disappear in the clouds. They assured the disciples that Jesus would one day come back again. Unlike his first coming, however, he will not enter the world as a vulnerable baby in Bethlehem, but he […]

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32c — Painting the King of Kings (Revelation 1)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ — Put on your painting shirt and prepare to be inspired by this interesting video as Artist Debby Topliff explains her painted mural of the visions of John from the Book of Revelation. Then create your own painting of Jesus, the Ruler of Heaven and Earth, as revealed in Revelation […]

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star of david

33a — Jesus is My Messiah (Video)

 Jews and Jesus — Jesus was born a Jew and lived in a Jewish family. He was trained in the Hebrew Scriptures (the Old Testament). At age 30, he began his public ministry as a Jewish Rabbi. John the Baptist identified Jesus as the One who God had promised to send into the world — […]

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33b — The Seven I Am’s of Jesus

Seven Names Reveal Jesus’ True Identity — When Jesus used the name “I AM” to describe himself in John 8:58, the Jewish leaders correctly recognized this as the name God told Moses to call him (Exodus 3:13-14). Jesus did not stop there though. The book of John records that Jesus used this name seven more […]

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Lesson 33

33c — With All I Am Video

I Will Worship Jesus with All I Am — Worship Jesus to this amazing video produced by Mine is Jesus featuring the music of Hillsong (songwriter Reuben Morgan). Instead of worshiping only with your eyes, voice, mind, and heart, consider including your hands by making free form strokes on paper with paint or markers as you […]

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34a — The Lamb of God (Video)

The Sacrificial Lamb of Passover — One of the most important holidays in Israel is Passover which takes place each year around Easter. Passover (Pesach in Hebrew) is also called the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It celebrates one of the most amazing events in Israel’s history — their sudden exodus or escape from Egypt that […]

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Lesson 34 Lamb of God

34b — Sweet Lamb of God (Music Video)

I Love the Holy Lamb of God — Meditate on what it means that Jesus Christ became your Lamb of God through this moving music performed by Sarah Reeves (written by Twila Paris). My Prayer O Lamb of God, sweet Lamb of God, I love the holy Lamb of God. Oh, wash me in his […]

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magic top hot

34c — You, Sin, and Christ (Illusions)

Pure Substitute for My Sin — Illusions or magic tricks can be used as object lessons to help us better understand difficult Bible truths. Here are a pair of illusions that explain the relationship between you, sin, and Christ. The first one is an amazing now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t type of presentation produced by Roshan Jonnalagadda. The second […]

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John 14

35a — Jesus Talks About Heaven Video

Comforting Words About Heaven — The disciples were beginning to worry, because Jesus was talking more and more about leaving. As a result, Jesus had a personal conversation with them about where he was going and their relationship with him once he left. As you listen to the things he told them in John 14, […]

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King Jesus in Heaven

35b — New Jerusalem Video

Jesus is Preparing a Spectacular New Home — Jesus has gone to heaven to prepare a place for those who believe in him. It is an eternal home that is happier and more beautiful than anyone can ever imagine. Watch the following video by JLC Miles as it shows some of the amazing features of […]

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35c — Tallest Building Video & Calculation

Who Can Build the Tallest Building? Important cities throughout history have boasted the tallest building. It all began with the Tower of Babel in the land of Shinar (Genesis 11 — height unknown). Thousands of years later, the race continues — the title going to a different city every few years. The current tallest building […]

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The Thief on the Cross

36a — Two Criminals Meet Jesus Video

Hope for Sinners and Criminals — Is it possible for people who do terrible things to be forgiven of their sins and go to heaven? Watch this anime of the two criminals who died alongside of Jesus to see God’s answer to this question. (Produced by the Jesus Film Project.) Note: Even though this video […]

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Sins from Youtube Jesus Plan of Salvation

36b — Everyone is a Sinner

Am I Really a Sinner? — Some people don’t feel like they need a Savior, because they’ve never committed a terrible crime like robbery or murder. Watch the following video produced by Inspiration Ministries to see what God thinks. Then print off the colorful worksheet below to more fully understand the concept of sin. Calling […]

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36c — Amazing Grace Video

The Story of Amazing Grace — Like the criminal on the cross, John Newton (1723-1807) was a person who found himself in need of God’s amazing grace. Watch the following video to see an overview of John Newton’s life — as he goes from wretched blasphemer and slave trader to anointed pastor, social reformer, and […]

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37a — Thy Kingdom Come Video

Understanding God’s Kingdom — When Jesus instructed his followers how to pray, one of the requests he taught them was: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Watch the following video for help in understanding what this part of the Lord’s Prayer means. My Prayer Dearest Father, I […]

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Lords Prayer

37b — The Lord’s Prayer (Music Video)

Rhema Marvanne Sings the Lord’s Prayer — The Lord’s Prayer has been the model prayer for the last 2,000 years since Jesus first taught it to his disciples. Listen to a musical version of it written by Albert Hay Malotte in 1935 and performed by Rhema Marvanne (a 7 year old singing marvel) in 2010. […]

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37c — Eye of God Craft

Pray While Weaving the Eye of God — The Eye of God (Ojo de Dios in Spanish) is an ancient religious symbol created in the Americas as a reminder of an all-knowing Higher Being. It is woven by hand using wood and yarn. This type of religious artwork was created for times of celebration and […]

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38a — Don’t Worry (Matthew 6:25-34)

Jesus’ Words About Worry — Desires. Wants. Cravings for many things. What’s the best method of getting what I need? Listen to the words of Jesus as he reveals the answer. And here’s a clue: no worry is needed. (Thanks to Quiz Worx for producing this visually interesting chalk-talk of Matthew 6:25-34.) My Prayer Dearest […]

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38b — God First (Music Videos)

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God — Jesus teaches us to seek God first above all other things. Here are two contemporary songs — one folk, one rock — one calming, one invigorating. They will help you declare your intention to keep God number one in your life. My Prayer Before I bring my […]

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x with chain

38c — Treasure Hunting

What Treasure Are You Seeking? — Jesus taught that we are seeking God first if we pursue him like we would a hidden treasure — with all of our hearts. So what is it like to be on a real treasure hunt? These are some of the words people use to describe it. Great fun. […]

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boy with shadow

39a — Wise or Foolish? (Video)

Are You a Wise or Foolish Follower? — After teaching the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus concluded with this question: “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?” In other words, “If you believe that I am the Supreme Authority and have the right to tell you how to […]

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39b — Cornerstone Music Video

Jesus is My Cornerstone — In ancient times, a cornerstone or foundation stone was the first rock placed at the corner of a building. It was usually the largest and most solid of the base stones and was carefully placed to make sure the structure had a firm footing. If removed, the entire building was in […]

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Turtle Rock

39c — Making Rock Structures

Building on the Rock — One of my hobbies is kind of quirky, but very relaxing and fun — it is making structures or creatures out of rocks. It starts with gathering stones; and one of the best places to gather interesting stones is along the beaches of Lake Michigan near my home. Every year, Keith […]

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house with dollars

40a — Jesus Warns About Greed (Luke 12:15-21)

Parable of the Rich Fool — Ancient Jews equated God’s blessing with material wealth. Therefore, it was not uncommon for Jews to think that the more wealth a family acquired, the more they were favored or blessed by God. As a result, living life to accumulate wealth became the primary goal of many Jews. That […]

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40b — What Is Philanthropy?

Philanthropy: the Opposite of Greed — One of the best ways to understand a difficult concept is to take a look at its opposite. The opposite of greed is philanthropy (fill-an-throw-pee). Philanthropy is the practice of giving money, time, or talent to help make life better for other people. A person who practices philanthropy is […]

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Greedy Baboon

40c — Greedy Baboon Video

Greed and Foolishness Go Hand in Hand — Watch and learn: Being greedy may seem like a good choice at the time — but it always turns out bad in the end. My Prayer Dearest Father, Help me remember the foolish fate of this baboon when I am tempted to be greedy. Give me a […]

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Customer Feedback

Hello Susan,

My son is so looking forward to digging in to Weave Your Word in Me (it looks like we won’t be waiting until the fall to start it).

Blessings and thank you again for providing a wonderful product and equally as wonderful service.

-Melissa in Yorba Linda, California



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