Here are 240 fun and thought-provoking activities that enhance our Bible Study for tweens called Weave Your Word in Me.

Three activities for each lesson (a,b,c) provide a stimulating assortment. So after your child completes a lesson, use the corresponding numbered activities (1 or more) to further enrich his understanding and application of what he’s just studied. You’ll both be glad you did!

Enjoy God forever!

Susan Case Bonner


Free Outline — Lesson Titles for Teachers

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11a — Opposites (Video & Quiz)

Thinking in Opposites — In Matthew 5:44-45, Jesus taught a surprising truth — that God is kind to all people, even bad people! He went on to teach that if we want to be like God, we need to begin to think and act the opposite of how we naturally feel. Listen to this fun […]

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The Importance of Kindness Youtube

11b — Kindness Video

The Importance of Kindness — Listen to this heart stirring memory about the importance of kindness from the life of American writer George Saunders. My Prayer Dearest Father, Please help me to show kindness to others even when its hard or inconvenient or unpopular. Why? Because just like you, I value kindness and all the […]

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11c — Water Cycle Rap & Worksheet

God Sends Rain to Both Good and Evil People — One of the many ways God shows kindness to all people is through his supply of sunlight and water throughout the earth. He not only created the water cycle, but also maintains it year after year — for the welfare of those who love him as […]

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Anna Bartlett Warner wikipedia

12a — Jesus Loves Me (Music History)

Anna B. Warner’s Inspired Words — Anna Bartlett Warner and her sister Susan lived on Constitution Island across the Hudson River from West Point Military Academy in the 1800’s. They both were well-known American authors and wrote Christian novels, children’s stories, and religious songs using the pen names of Amy Lothrop and Elizabeth Wetherall. Sometimes […]

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Jesus Loves Children cropped

12b — Jesus Loves Children (Word Scramble)

What Jesus Values Most About Children — Only a few times do the Gospels record that Jesus became angry. One of them was when his disciples tried to prevent children from coming to see him (Mark 10:13-16). Why was he so mad? Because of his disciples’ basic misunderstanding of what God values most — something […]

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Logan the Sky Angel Cowboy Youtube

12c — Sky Angel Cowboy Video

The Simple Faith of a Child — One of the reasons Jesus adores children is because they have a natural ability to trust what they cannot see. In other words, simple faith comes easy to them. Listen to this CBN news report of a 13 year old boy named Logan Henderson from a ranch in […]

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Civilla D Martin His Eye is on the Sparrow

13a — His Eye is on the Sparrow Video

Civilla D. Martin’s Inspired Words — Civilla D. Martin, wife of a Harvard trained Baptist minister, wrote the words to the famous hymn His Eye is on the Sparrow over 100 years ago. This is her explanation of how the song came to be. “In the spring of 1905, my husband and I were sojourning in […]

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13b — Caring About Hair (Luke 12:7)

Numbering the Hairs on Our Heads — Have you ever wondered how many stars are in the sky, or how many grains of sand are on the shore, or how many hairs are on your head? You are not alone. Down through history, people have spent a lot of time thinking about and researching these […]

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Dream Draw Create

13c — Wild Hair Art

God Knows Every Detail About Us — Everyone has a wild hair day now and then! Here is a fun art project that celebrates God’s magnificent ability to know every detail about us and yet still love us — even on those less-than-perfect, crazy, wild hair days. (This is an art project originally shared on […]

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lost sheep

14a — Lost Sheep Video (Luke 15:1-3)

Parable of the Lost Sheep — Jewish religious leaders in the first century criticized Jesus, because he was friendly to tax collectors and sinners — and horror of horrors, he spent time with them! As a result, Jesus told three parables to help these Pharisees and scribes understand how God thinks — that no one […]

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money bag

14b — Lost Coin Video (Luke 15:8-10)

Parable of the Lost Coin — Precious. It was a precious coin — not just a penny, but a valuable silver coin — one of ten silver coins that represented her family’s savings or her personal dowry. It was nowhere to be found. The woman couldn’t believe it wasn’t with the others. She counted over and […]

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Prodigal Son

14c — Lost Son Video (Luke 15:11-32)

Parable of the Prodigal Son — The Prodigal Son is the third in a series of parables Jesus told about lost things. Why three? For emphasis. When God says the same thing three times in a row, it is extremely important — so pay attention! Watch the following video of the Parable of the Prodigal […]

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The Unexpected Christmas

15a — An Unexpected Christmas (Video)

The Unexpected Wonder of God’s Plan — Have you ever wondered what we might see if we could pull back the curtain of time to that very first Christmas? Enjoy this playful, yet thought-provoking backstory of Jesus’ birth as told by the kids of St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand. My Prayer Dearest Father, Thank […]

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Reis_Mags_Orient open clipart

15b — Christmas Quiz

Test Your Bible Knowledge About Christmas — Many of our thoughts about the Christmas story are based on picture books, movies, or tradition. See how much you really know about the facts of the Bible’s most popular story. Instructions: Read each question in the order it appears and then select what you think is the […]

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15c — Prophecies Fulfilled (Video & Worksheet)

Jesus’ Coming Is Accurately Foretold — More than 300 specific details about Jesus’ coming were accurately predicted (or prophesied) in the Old Testament hundred of years before he was born. 13 of these prophecies are showcased in the following video produced by KidzEchoingPraise. 7 of these prophecies are outlined in the Bible worksheet below. Click […]

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16a — Jesus as a Boy (Bible Study & Word Search)

Tell Me More About Jesus as a Boy — What was Jesus like as a boy? What did he do? Where did he play? Did he have to go to school? What would it have been like to have Jesus for a friend? Although the Bible does not record many details about Jesus as a […]

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16b — Jesus in the Temple Video

Jesus Put His Father First in the Temple — Every year Joseph and Mary traveled to Jerusalem with their family and friends to celebrate the Feast of the Passover. When their son Jesus turned 12 years old, however, this yearly trip took on special meaning. It was the first time he was allowed to accompany […]

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16c — Jewish Bar Mitzvah Video

Becoming a Man — Even today, the official passage of Jewish boys into manhood takes place in their early teens through the religious ceremony called Bar Mitzvah (meaning Son of Commandment). Afterwards these young men take full responsibility for their own religious life including participating in the public reading of the Torah (first 5 books […]

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God's Story John the Baptist

17a — John the Baptist Video

The Story of John the Baptist — Watch this animated video produced by Crossroads Kids’ Club that explains who John the Baptist was and what God called him to do. It is based on the 3rd chapter of Matthew from the Bible. My Prayer Dearest Father, Thank you for sending John the Baptist to prepare […]

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The Bible Jesus' Baptism

17b — Jesus’ Baptism (Video)

Witnessing Jesus’ Baptism Along with John — What a humbling, yet thrilling experience it was for John the Baptist to welcome Jesus into the waters of the Jordan River. His heart must have felt like it stopped as he realized that the living Son of God had come there to be baptized by him. Thanks […]

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St John

17c — Camel Hair and Locusts

John Used Camel Hair and Locusts — John the Baptist was a unique individual with a special calling from God. He prepared people for Jesus’ coming. 1) He preached and baptized seekers of God in the desert. 2) His clothing was natural camel hair tied with a leather belt. 3) His meals consisted of locusts […]

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Gustave Dory Paradise Lost Lucifer Cast Down

18a — Who is Satan? (Bible Art)

The Story of Satan — (Isaiah 14:12-15; Ezekiel 28:12-17; Genesis 3:1-7; Daniel 7:9-14)   The Bible teaches that Satan is the arch enemy of God. Unlike God, though, he has not always existed, but rather was created.   There is evidence that Satan was designed to be the chief guardian angel in God’s holy mountain. His name […]

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18b — Temptation of Jesus Video

Jesus Resisted Temptation Using God’s Word — Satan opposed God’s right to rule in his life and was always looking for others he could coax into doing the same. What a prize it would be if he could convince God’s own Son to join his way of thinking! Satan found his opportunity when Jesus was […]

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18c — Thy Word Music Video

Thy Word Is a Lamp Unto My Feet — Listen to this timeless tune written by Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith. The singalong words provided by Praise and Worship underscore the importance of God’s Word in our lives — as Jesus so powerfully demonstrated in his interaction with Satan in the wilderness. My Prayer […]

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master teacher

19a — Teacher from God Video

The Teacher from God Begins His Ministry — At 30 years old, Jesus began his teaching ministry in Israel by going from synagogue to synagogue in Galilee. He taught with such power that he was soon called “Rabbi” — a title of respect given to teachers meaning “Master.” Watch this video produced by Bible Society to […]

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One Way

19b — One Solitary Life Video

The Far Reaching Influence of One Solitary Life — Jesus is often referred to as the Master Teacher — and so he is. He took the unknown and made it understandable through well chosen words, stories, illustrations, and example. He painted pictures in people’s minds about things they did not know about God, life, and […]

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19c — Master Teacher Crossword Puzzle

Traits of a Master Teacher — Instructions: Complete the crossword puzzle using words that are characteristics of a great teacher. Click here to print out the puzzle. (If you need help, the words are listed below in the prayer.) Across: 5.    Showing eager interest 6.    Filling others with an urge to respond 8.    Polite treatment of others 10.  Reacting […]

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The Paralytic Max

20a — Jesus Healed a Paralyzed Man Video (Luke 5:17-26)

Jesus Demonstrated His Ability to Forgive — Jesus not only knew what he was talking about as a teacher — he could also prove it. Watch the following video produced by Max7 to see how Jesus showed an unbelieving audience that he had both the right and the ability to forgive people’s sins. My Prayer […]

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20b — Withered Hand Video (Matthew 12:9-14)

Jesus Healed a Withered Hand — One of the most amazing features of the human body is the pair of hands God has designed with eight fingers and two opposing thumbs. Our hands give us the ability to work with incredible detail — an ability that most of the animals do not have. So even if only […]

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people population

20c — Groups in Israel (Matching)

Jewish Groups of Jesus’ Day — When Jesus lived on earth he came in contact with members of the various religious and political groups throughout Israel — all of them eager to influence or control the Jewish people according to their way of thinking. As a result of their priorities, many of these groups opposed […]

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