Here are 240 fun and thought-provoking activities that enhance our Bible Study for tweens called Weave Your Word in Me.

Three activities for each lesson (a,b,c) provide a stimulating assortment. So after your child completes a lesson, use the corresponding numbered activities (1 or more) to further enrich his understanding and application of what he’s just studied. You’ll both be glad you did!

Enjoy God forever!

Susan Case Bonner


Free Outline — Lesson Titles for Teachers

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Unforgiving Servant

71a — The Unforgiving Servant (Matthew 18:21-35)

The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant — Here is Family Pastor Malcolm MacKinnon again with his artistic story board. Watch and learn as he brings to life Jesus’ parable about the unforgiving servant. My Prayer Dearest Father, Thank you for completely forgiving all of my sins. Your mercy makes me feel free. To show you […]

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71b — Choral Reading Anyone?

What Is a Choral Reading? A choral reading is a story recited in unison. Just like in a choir, the members use pace, volume, and word emphasis to create feelings, but without the music. A well known story can come across as new and fresh by using this method. A choral reading group is made […]

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71c — The Boomerang Principle of Forgiveness

The Spiritual Boomerang Principle — What is the gift from God that we must give away if we want to keep it? Sounds like a boomerang riddle, right? But the answer is obvious. It’s forgiveness. Jesus himself taught this incredible boomerang principle in Matthew 6:14-15 (NIV): “For if you forgive other people when they sin […]

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released from jail

72a — Convicted or Condemned?

How to Tell If You’re Feeling Convicted or Condemned — Here is a helpful 3 minute explanation by Ka’ala Souza from Oahu, Hawaii, of what it means to feel convicted of sin by the Holy Spirit. Oh! And after the video, check out this link for a great example of what feeling condemned looks like. […]

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girl with headphones

72b — Stop! Listen to the Lord!

Children Stop! Listen to the Lord! Jesus may no longer be physically visible on Earth to show us the right way to live, but his righteous example and teachings are still proclaimed throughout the whole world through our Helper the Holy Spirit. So join Slugs and Bugs as they remind children everywhere to Stop! Listen […]

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celtic trinity

72c — The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed

An Explanation of the Christian Trinity — The New Testament refers to the one true God of the Bible as being multi-personal — consisting of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Watch as this 3-in-1 Trinity concept is more precisely visualized and explained in the following two videos. (Produced by Jon Oleksiuk.) My Prayer Dearest Father, Son, […]

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73a — What Does the Holy Spirit Do?

Understanding the Holy Spirit — Here is a helpful explanation of the Holy Spirit by the non-profit animation studio The Bible Project. It explains who the Holy Spirit is and traces what he has done, is doing, and will do in the lives of people — from the beginning of the Bible to the end. […]

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Fill Me Cropped

73b — Fill My Life Object Lesson

Letting the Spirit Fill My Life — What if we could see the Holy Spirit living inside us? Would that cause us to depend on him more? Honestly, I think it would. For me, it would be very helpful! So here’s an interesting object lesson I found to help us all picture the Holy Spirit […]

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73c — Temple of God Explained

Understanding the Temple of God — Did you know that when the Spirit of God dwells in someone, his or her body is claimed by God as his holy temple — a place where God is to be honored and glorified? (See I Corinthians 3:16 and 6:19.) Wow! To better understand the purpose of a […]

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Lloyd and Sal

74a — Lloyd and Sal and the Holy Ghost

Fun Chat About the Holy Ghost — See how many truths about the Holy Ghost you can pick up from this fun talk between Lloyd and Sal. (Presented by Resurrection Church R-Kidz.) My Prayer Dearest Holy Ghost, I know that just like the Father and the Son, you also are completely good and completely God. […]

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Wind Facing Right

74b — The Holy Spirit and Inspiration

What Does Inspiration of the Bible Mean? Inspiration literally means God-breathed. In other words, the Holy Spirit not only helps us understand God’s Word, he is the One who is responsible for it being written in the first place. Watch this short video produced by Three Minute Theology for a more thorough explanation of the […]

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Wind Spirals Tweaked

74c — Handmade Wind Spirals (Craft)

Let’s Make Water Bottle Wind Spirals — Jesus compared the actions of the Holy Spirit to the movement of the wind in John 3: 7-8. Listen to what he said: “Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of […]

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75a — Producing the Fruit of the Spirit

How to Produce the Fruit of the Spirit — Listen to Jon Jorgenson below as he combines information and humor to answer the question: “Whose job is it to make sure that the fruit of the Spirit is growing in my life?” My Prayer Dearest Holy Spirit, I know that I make your job more […]

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75b — Fruit of the Spirit Music Video

Getting to Know the Fruit of the Spirit — Watch this fun Fruit of the Spirit Music Video produced by Mount of Olives Church in Mission Viejo, California. It will help you become better acquainted with nine character traits the Holy Spirit wants to make a part of your everyday experience. (Music and lyrics were […]

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75c — Does God Want Me to Be Happy?

Is Being Happy A Fruit of the Spirit? We know that joy is a fruit of the Spirit, but what about happiness? Does God want me to be happy? Let’s see how PursueGOD Kids answers this question. My Prayer Dearest Holy Spirit, Thank you for helping me to grow in so many areas — in […]

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76a — Is it Okay to Pray to the Holy Spirit?

Do We Pray to the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit? Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to pray to the Holy Spirit? I mean, since God is a Trinity and each of the 3 Persons in the 1 God has a name, is it alright to address them individually? We know that […]

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Derek Redmond Olympics

76b — The Holy Spirit Supports Us When We Are Down

The Holy Spirit Supports Us in Our Weakness — Disappointment and distress happen to everyone. The Bible teaches that in these moments of confusion and frustration, the Holy Spirit comes alongside of us. He prays for us and supports us, so that we don’t give up. Watch a real life example that beautifully portrays this […]

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Holy Spirit Flame Craft

76c — Personal Prayer Companion (Craft)

God Gives Us Our Own Personal Prayer Companion — Have you ever thought, “I wish I was better at praying. I wish I knew the right thing to say.” God anticipated that you might feel this way and so he came up with a simple solution — a Personal Prayer Companion. That’s right! God has […]

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world and eye

77a — The Holy Spirit Is Everywhere (Psalm 139:7-12)

The Everywhere Presence of the Holy Spirit — Have you ever thought of making your own Bible video? Here’s a fun homemade video with a great message that may inspire you to make your own. It’s produced by a youth pastor known as the head of the Buffalo Herd. His video helps us visualize the […]

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77b — Things Kids Pray About

What Do Kids Pray About? Watch to see what kinds of things kids pray about. Then see if you can come up with other concerns you would add to this list. (Video produced by Salvo Studios in the Australian Southern Territories.) My Prayer Dearest Holy Spirit, Thank you that you are my defender and friend. […]

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Jesus Prayer Journal

77c — Pray Like Jesus

Learn to Pray Like Jesus — Jesus is our example in so many ways, and being great at praying is one of the most important. So — to help you grow in your ability to pray like Jesus, I’ve created a reproducible prayer journal page that outlines 6 different ways we know Jesus prayed. 1) […]

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sun cropped

78a — Seeing the Glory of God

God Wants Us to See His Glory — God is awesome in character and has amazing abilities. There is nothing that shouts out this glorious essence of God more than the universe. And thanks to modern telescopes, cameras, and satellites, we can now see up close many of its details. Psalm 33:6 states that God […]

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78b — Celebrating the Glory of God

The Glory of God Is Meant to Be Celebrated! What must it have been like 2,000 years ago to be that small group of shepherds out in the dead of night, when a mighty army of angelic singers burst forth from the heavens and began celebrating the majesty and glory of God? It might have […]

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John 3 16 Tim Tebow

78c — Tim Tebow Draws Attention to God

Tim Tebow Shines a Spotlight on God — Listen to this inspiring story of how former football player Tim Tebow drew attention to two of God’s great promises through a simple act of faith. It is an example of how one person can bring glory to God. (Video produced by Above Inspiration.) My Prayer Dearest […]

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praying man

79a — The Story of Job

The Old Testament Story of Job — Watch and learn as The Bible Project tells the story of Job and explains how he responded to God in both good times and bad. My Prayer Dearest God, Thank you for the example of Job. Thank you that he continued to trust you when life was not […]

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79b Nick Vujicic

79b — The Testimony of Nick Vujicic

God’s Plan for Nick Vujicic — If anyone ever had a reason to turn his back on God because of difficult circumstances, it is Nick Vujicic who was born without arms or legs. Instead, his life of faith and purpose has been a shining example of praising God in all situations. Watch Nick’s amazing testimony […]

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79c Stephen Curry NBA

79c — The Testimony of Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry Credits Jesus with His Skill in Basketball— Standing only 6’3″ tall (the average NBA height is 6’7″), Stephen Curry has worked hard to achieve the honor of being a two time NBA Champion and Most Valuable Player. He is often called the greatest basketball shooter in NBA history, but is careful to remind […]

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80a — Praise God Everyday

Remember to Praise God Everyday — Here’s a video by PursueGOD Kids about the meaning of praise. It includes a helpful method for remembering to praise God everyday. After you finish watching the video, click on this link so that you can print off and make your own daily praise calendar. (Thanks to Mud Pies and […]

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collage cropped

80b — Make a Praise Collage

How to Make a Praise Collage — Here’s a slide presentation published by Archibald Mason ( about how to make a Praise Collage that describes your relationship with God. Watch it a couple of times to come up with your own plan. Then collect your materials (like old magazines, scissors, and glue) and have fun. […]

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80c — Worship the Lord Wherever You Go

Worship the Lord Even in Public Places — The musical group Worship on the Porch states on their website: “Worship isn’t confined to the four walls of the church nor is it a moment that we have during worship at a service. We worship God everywhere!” Proving they live what they believe, group members Abigail, […]

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