Picture Prayer Book with Bible Guide for Families


Details About this Award-Winning Picture Prayer Book

  • Ages 4-8
  • Rhythmical Child’s Prayer and Biblical Learning Guide Based on the Lord’s Prayer
  • Ideal for Family Devotions or Bedtime
  • 33 Ethnically Diverse Color Photos Bring the Concepts of the Lord’s Prayer to Life
  • 80 Topical Bible Readings Teach Children How to Know God and Talk with Him
  • Colorful Child-Friendly Stained Glass Windows Illustrate the Learning Guide
  • 48 Page Hardcover Book (10″ x 8″)

If you’re interested in purchasing the yellow picture prayer book without the learning guide, click here.

For upper elementary, we recommend either the prayer devotional (affectionately called the frog book) or the Bible study and prayer guide called Weave Your Word in Me.

Questions: Email susan@kidniche.com / Phone 231.360.7318

A True Story from a Customer

I happened to be walking past a church with my 5 year old grandson, when he spontaneously asked me, “What do people do in that building?” (You see, much to my regret, his parents have never taken him to church.)
I told him that people pray and worship the one true God in there and care for each other.
He replied, “Do you do that too?”
I told him, “Yes, I do.”
He then genuinely asked, “Can you teach me to pray, Grandpa?”
I gladly replied, “Yes, I would love to.”
When we arrived back at the house, I thought of your book My Whole Self Before You that I had tucked away and used it to begin teaching him to pray. Thank you for writing such a meaningful, child-friendly resource that makes it so easy for me to pass down this beloved life-skill to my grandson.

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This is a beautifully written, hard cover book that includes both a child’s prayer and learning guide intended to help parents, grandparents, or teachers guide their children to pray. Based on the Lords Prayer, My Whole Self Before YOU takes the most precious photography, wording, and rhyme to capture the minds and hearts of children before walking them through the simplest way to approach God via conversation.

The prayer is presented in small chunks with large, full-color images that delightfully illustrate the thoughts behind the text. The book begins, “Dear Father in heaven, I come and I bow my whole self before you. Please hear me right now.” Each element of the prayer is easy to memorize. Children will learn how to approach God with words of praise and thanksgiving as well as meaningful requests.

The back of the book includes an easy to follow learning guide for parents that includes: Bible passages, summaries of each verse or passage, definitions, instructions for use, and child friendly stained glass windows as illustrations. As an extra bonus, the book ends with a list of all the known prayers of Jesus.

If you’re interested in purchasing the yellow picture prayer book without the learning guide, click here.

For upper elementary kids, we recommend the prayer devotional by the same name (what we affectionately call the frog book) or the Bible study/prayer guide called Weave Your Word in Me. Click here to see both.

Questions: Email susan@kidniche.com / Phone 231.360.7318

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