Here are 240 fun and thought-provoking activities that enhance our Bible Study for tweens called Weave Your Word in Me.

Three activities for each lesson (a,b,c) provide a stimulating assortment. So after your child completes a lesson, use the corresponding numbered activities (1 or more) to further enrich his understanding and application of what he’s just studied. You’ll both be glad you did!

Enjoy God forever!

Susan Case Bonner


Free Outline — Lesson Titles for Teachers

Parable of the Talents

41a — Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

Jesus Seeks Faithful Followers — Max 7 is an internet-based Christian partnership that provides quality Bible resources for gospel ministry. With a special emphasis on reaching children ages 0-15, they offer outstanding media to teach children who Jesus is and how to grow in their faith. And what’s more, all the materials are free — […]

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41b — Thank You For Giving to the Lord (Music Video)

I Am the Life That Was Changed! — Does it really make a difference if I help spread the news about Jesus Christ here on earth? You bet it does! Living forever with Jesus . . . in the most beautiful place ever . . . in the company of those who can’t thank you […]

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41c — Tic Tac Toe Evangelism

Evangelism Made Easy — Telling others about Jesus . . . being a witness for Christ . . . personal evangelism . . . these three are all the same thing. It is something faithful followers are eager to do — to let other people know who Jesus is, how much he means to them […]

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42a — How Do You Treat Others?

Do You Treat Others the Way You Would Treat Jesus? — Listen to the reading of Matthew 25:31-46 to understand Jesus’ standard for the behavior of his followers. My Prayer Dearest Jesus, May I see your face when I look at the needs of others and always treat them the way I would treat you. Help […]

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Faith versus Works

42b — Faith and Works (Video)

Faith and Works Go Hand in Hand — Here is an amazing Bible video by — for you budding theologians — to explain how faith and works go together.   When you are done listening, put the following items in the correct order (1-4) based on what the Bible teaches about the steps of […]

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42c — Chuck Colson and Prison Fellowship (Video)

Founder of Prison Fellowship — Chuck Colson was the chief counsel for President Richard Nixon from 1969 to 1973. Because he was very effective at identifying and attacking political enemies of the President, he became known as Nixon’s hatchet man. In 1971, Colson helped organized the break-in of a psychiatrist’s office in Washington D.C. hoping […]

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Tag Team Storytelling

43a — Most Important Commandment Video

Tag Team Storytelling — Watch this tag team video that retells the story of Jesus teaching about the most important commandment in Mark 12:28-34. Then consider creating your own tag team storytelling video using the same script. The words are written out below. My Prayer Dearest Lord, You are one — Father, Son, and Holy […]

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43b — Lord I Give You My Heart

Create a Worship Hand Painting — One way to make sure you understand something is to say the same thing using different words. That is what Hillsong did in the worship song “Lord I Give You My Heart” — they restated the greatest commandment from Mark 12:30 using words of worship spoken directly to God. […]

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43c — Love Your Neighbor Puzzle

Opposite Sides of the Same Coin — “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” — the second greatest commandment according to Jesus. He claimed it to be so important that he couldn’t separate it from the greatest commandment: to love God with your whole being. In fact, he treated them like opposite sides of the same coin — […]

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Love Your Enemies

44a — Love Your Enemies (Video)

A True Story of God-Like Love — Some of Jesus’ teachings are not only puzzling, but rather hard to put into practice — and none more so than his command to “Love your enemies.” Watch this true story of how one Christian in India faithfully followed through on this difficult task. My Prayer Dearest Father, Thank […]

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44b — Repay Hatred With Love

How to Break the Hatred Cycle — As human beings we have all experienced hatred of some kind. In fact, there are many levels of hate that kids experience during their school years — either as a victim or as an actual hater. Read the following eleven descriptions of how young people show hatred and […]

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cherry bomb

44c — Pray for Terrorists

Pray For Those Who Persecute You — Are we to pray for REAL enemies — like those who are trying to kill us? Are we really supposed to pray for people who are terrorists? Let’s take a second look at Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:43-45. “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor […]

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45a — Power or Serving? (Video)

Jesus Teaches About Serving — In Mark 10:32-45, Jesus and his disciples walked to Jerusalem for what would be the last time. As they walked, they talked. Watch this animated video about how Jesus turned the conversation from their desire for power to his desire for serving. My Prayer Dearest Jesus, I get it! When […]

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Washing Feet

45b — Being a Servant Leader (Video)

The Master Leads by Serving — In order to show his disciples what he meant by being a servant leader, the Lord Jesus did the job of a slave and washed his disciples’ feet. Watch this excerpt from the movie “The Gospel of John” to see this biblical event come to life. My Prayer Dearest […]

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45c — Consider Others First (Philippians 2:1-11)

Follow Jesus’ Example: Put Others First — Put yourself aside and help others get ahead. Don’t be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourself long enough to lend a helping hand. These are just a few of the verses from Philippians 2 (The Message) that explain how Jesus humbled himself in order to put […]

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Good Samaritan

46a — The Good Samaritan Video

Who is My Neighbor? — Watch this outstanding video of Jesus telling the Parable of the Good Samaritan based on Luke 10:25-37. My Prayer Dearest Jesus, Thank you for taking the time to patiently teach us about who we are to love — something that must seem so obvious to you. Thank you for your […]

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love you

46b — Stop Hiding Your Love (Video)

Express Your Love For Others Openly — It’s important to Jesus that you show your love to other people — especially when they need your help like in the Parable of the Good Samaritan. But is that the only way you are to affirm your love for others? Listen to this interesting youth group talk by […]

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Good Samaritan Snack Bags

46c — How to Make Helping Bags

Planned Activities for Helping Others — Here are two different baggie activities you can make to remind you to reach out to others with a helping hand. Love Your Neighbor Snack Bags Instructions: Read the following jingle. Then collect and mix a spoonful of each snack item into a baggie. As you enjoy eating your […]

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temptation apple

47a — Lead Us Not into Temptation

The Ultimate Temptation — Listen as Pastor Joe Boyd of Southbrook Christian Church explains how to use the last request of the Lord’s Prayer — “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.” — as an opportunity to review the entire prayer. After all, maybe the ultimate temptation is to forget what we’ve […]

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47b — Deliver Us From Evil

Lions and Evil — Deliver means to rescue or save. It is the same word that King Darius used when he called out to Daniel in the dark pit below and asked if his God had been able to deliver him from the lions (Daniel 6). We, of course, know the answer to that question. […]

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Obedient Dog

47c — Key to Overcoming Temptation (Video)

Keep Your Eyes on the Master — Watch this simple family video to discover the key to overcoming temptation — even as everyone around you encourages you to give in and disobey. My Prayer Dearest Jesus, Please help me keep my eyes on you, my loving Master, and to listen to your voice when I […]

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what is evil

48a — Good and Evil (Video)

What is Evil? — When we are tempted, we desire to do something that is not good. But what is good and what is evil? Watch the following video for an explanation of good and evil. Then follow up by completing the activity below. Good and Evil Activity People need and crave these four things: […]

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48b — What is Lust? (Puzzle)

Don’t Let Lust Rule Your Life — Lust is like a fire inside our souls. It is something not only adults feel though, but kids too. Lust is all about letting pleasure rule in our lives. To understand the concept of lust better, print and translate these coded verses from the book of James. (See the […]

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48c — My Strength When I Am Weak (Music)

You Are My All in All — Watch and sing along with Hillsong as you acknowledge the strength Jesus provides in the daily temptations of life. Worship him and commit yourself anew to never giving up — for he is always right there by your side ready to help in time of need. He is […]

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10 commandments

49a — God Gave the Ten Commandments (Exodus 19-24)

How the Ten Commandments Came to Be — Who:          God What:         Gave the Ten Commandments to his people Israel When:        Over 3,000 years ago Where:       In the Sinai Desert east of Egypt Why:           To reveal his ways and explain what […]

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Ten Commandments Movie Clip

49b — I Am the Lord Your God (Exodus 20:2)

I Am the Lord Your God Who Brought You Out of Egypt — The Jews refer to the Ten Commandments as the Ten Statements, with the first statement being “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.” These opening words in Exodus 20 explain why […]

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49c — No Other Gods (Exodus 20:3-4)

Do You Know What “No Other Gods” Means? — Listen as Dennis Prager founder of Prager University explains God’s first command in Exodus 20 — regarding loyalty and idols. My Prayer Dearest Father, Please help me to love you with all my heart and to never put anyone or anything else ahead of you. Amen. […]

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Ten Commandment Count

50a — Ten Commandments Hand Motions

Learn the Ten Commandments Hand Motions — We know God gave Ten Commandments, but we don’t know for sure how he numbered them. Some Christians divide the first statements about loyalty to God into 2 commands (Exodus 20:3-4) and other Christians divide the last statements about coveting into 2 commands (Exodus 20:17). No matter how […]

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50b — Do Not Misuse God’s Name (Exodus 20:7)

God Takes the Misuse of His Name Personally — Listen to Dennis Prager founder of Prager University as he clearly explains the meaning of the commandment to not take God’s name in vain. My Prayer Dearest Father, Thank you for the privilege of telling others about you. Keep me grounded in your Word, so that […]

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God Dog Tags

50c — Names of God

Names of God Throughout the Bible — Worship the one true God as you experience the powerful declaration of his many different names from Genesis through Revelation. These names of God help us better understand who he is, how he thinks, and what he has done — so that we might personally know him and treat […]

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Customer Feedback

Hello Susan,

My son is so looking forward to digging in to Weave Your Word in Me (it looks like we won’t be waiting until the fall to start it).

Blessings and thank you again for providing a wonderful product and equally as wonderful service.

-Melissa in Yorba Linda, California



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