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family photo

1a — Thou Art the Potter, I Am the Clay

The Potter and the Clay — My mom’s last name when she was growing up in the 1930’s and 40’s was Potter. (And yes, her father’s first name was Harry — true!) Her best friend’s last name was Clay. When they sang the following hymn in church, the two girls would poke one another and […]

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pottery wheel

1b — Pottery Wheel Rap

How a Potter Makes Pottery — Watch this fun rap video that Instructor Daniel Willis created to teach his students how to “throw” pottery on a wheel. It helps us understand how God is like a potter and people are like clay. My Prayer (Based on Isaiah 64:8 TLB) “O Lord, you are our Father. We are […]

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cartoon jesus

1c — Jesus Stained Glass Art (Luke 22:42)

Stained Glass Window of Jesus — This stained glass window of Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane is located in the old stone country church known as Baseline United Methodist of Battle Creek, Michigan. It was created by artist David Vandlen who is a member of the church. The window is based on Jesus’ […]

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rainbow background

2a — I Remember Those Rainbows

Those Awesome Rainbows — My Grandpa and Grandma Potter owned a big three story house in Battle Creek, Michigan that was made into an apartment building. Each floor was a separate apartment. It was fun going to visit them when they lived on the first floor. I remember the beautiful oak staircase that wound its way […]

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northern lights cropped

2b — Northern Lights News Video

God’s Incredible Northern Lights Show — Northern Lights (or Aurora Borealis) are the closest thing people on earth have seen to the emerald green rainbow that surrounds God’s throne in heaven (Revelation 4:2-3). They can be seen on clear nights in the northern nighttime sky and are caused by energy from the sun being trapped and […]

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color paint

2c — Aurora Geo/Art

God’s Beautiful Aurora — Geography Instructions: There are two different auroras. Read their names and definitions below. Then name the seven continents on the map and match them to the aurora that is sometimes visible from their closest shores (answers at the bottom). Aurora Borealis = The colorful northern lights seen in the northern hemisphere’s nighttime […]

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miracle stock xchg

3a — Meditation on God (Psalm 145)

Great News — God Wants Us to Know Him!   Here are some things he has told us about himself (based on Psalm 145). He is dazzling both inside and out. Even his name is holy (pure and separate from sin). He is so great that the more we understand about him, the more there is […]

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Truth Dragon Clkr

3b — Truth Crossword Puzzle

God Is Near to All Who Call on Him in Truth — Instructions: Complete the crossword puzzle using words that have something to do with truth. Click here to print out the puzzle. (If you need help, the words are listed below in the prayer.) Across 1. something that has actually happened 4. with all of […]

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canstock photo

3c — Drawing Cartoon Emotions

Honesty with Emotions — Emotions are given to us by God and are not good or bad in and of themselves. It all depends on the choices we make when we feel the emotions. When I am frustrated, do I kick my dog or yell at my brother? When I am happy, do I brag […]

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4a — God Hears and Will Answer

No Walkie Talkie Needed for God to Answer — When we pray to God, we often ask him to do something for us. There are three different ways he will answer this type of prayer. All three of the above are answers to prayer. Which answer do we most like to get?  yes / wait […]

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Kate with Bike

4b — I Remember Those Prayers

Yes! God Answers Prayers — My heart is full! How many times I listened to our daughter Katherine pray as a young girl for a best friend! It was the cry of her heart to the God she believed heard and would answer. And looking back over the years, I marvel at the various and […]

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Lego Prayer Box

4c — Handmade Prayer Books and Boxes

Benefits of Writing Your Prayer Down — At times, especially when your need seems very urgent, it’s hard to grasp that God has heard your prayer and will answer. You want to trust him and wait for his answer, but the trusting part is hard, because you just can’t stop thinking about it. So here’s a […]

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5a — Hallowed Word Games

The Meaning of Hallowed —   My husband Keith and I enjoy taking road trips. A special one was to the mountains of West Virginia to learn about trains. To pass the time when we travel, we sometimes play word games, like this one: Think of things in the world that can be called hallowed.   […]

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si and pete

5b — Funny Video about Listening to God

Listening to God with Si and Pete — Listening is one of the best ways to show others that we respect and love them. The same is true about listening to God. We don’t want to treat God as common and unimportant, because he is hallowed and set apart above all others. Therefore, it is […]

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Hare with pencil crop

5c — Writing Christian Acrostics

Honoring God Using Acrostics — An acrostic is a type of poetry that does not have to rhyme. Instead, the only rule is that the first letter of each line needs to spell out a word or message. As a result, acrostics are very helpful for remembering or communicating important information. A famous acrostic in […]

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Forest Flowers

6a — Writing a Travel Blog

Using All Five Senses to Describe God’s World — Write a travel blog with photos that include all of your five senses: sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. End it with a prayer of thanks to God for giving you the ability to experience his world in such an amazing, complete way. Here is a […]

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apple-on-white-1432833 cropped

6b — Using Our Five Senses

Experiencing Apples God’s Way with All Five Senses —   Just as Isaiah experienced heaven with all of his senses in Isaiah 6, God has given us five senses so that we can experience the wonderful world he has created for us here on earth. Name your five senses as you watch this yummy video. […]

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Jotta A Hallelujah

6c — Sensing God’s Holiness (Isaiah 6:1-8)

Experience God with Isaiah and Jotta A — In Isaiah 6:1-8, when the prophet Isaiah saw God in heaven, it was not only with his eyes. He also experienced God with his other 4 senses. Fill in the blanks using these words: coal     seraphim     shake     smoke He heard the […]

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7a — I Remember Coming to Christ

My Perfect Savior — I love this picture of us four Case kids! It was taken in 1959 for our family Christmas card. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of Christmas time, but none of them have anything to do with Christ — because when I was young my father kept himself and his […]

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Parable Drawing

7b — Pharisee and Tax Collector Video (Luke 18:9-14)

How God Sees Things — Jesus told stories with hidden meanings called parables. They were short, simple stories about everyday life that taught a heavenly lesson. They helped people who were listening better understand the way God sees things. One of these parables was about a Pharisee and a tax collector. Pharisees were religious leaders […]

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Lay It Down

7c — Lay It Down and Learn Humility

Humility: A Different Way of Life — Here’s a snappy sing-along song with a great message by Michael Gleason. It’s about humility and putting others first. It’s called Lay It Down — because the opposite of humility is pride. We must learn to lay pride down and take up humility if we want to do […]

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happy fish clkr

8a — Fishing with Jesus Video (Luke 5:1-11)

The Fishing Surprise! — I have many fond fishing memories as a young child, because my family lived on Eagle Lake near Kalamazoo, Michigan, until I was almost seven. I remember fishing from our row boat in the middle of the lake with my dad and older brother. Mostly, though, my brother and I caught […]

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Jesus Cross

8b — My Savior My God Music Video

Worship God from on High — Worship God from on high as you experience this inspiring music written by Aaron Schust and performed by Worship Jamz3. My Prayer Dearest Jesus, You are my Savior and my God. Thank you for leaving your place on high and coming to die for sinful people — including me. […]

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8c — Making a Fish Trap (Video & Quiz)

How to Catch Bait — God is interested in every part of our lives — even practical things like how to catch fish. So in case you ever need it, here is a great idea for catching minnows (tiny fish) to use as bait for catching big fish. It could come in handy if you […]

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Sinful Woman Youtube

9a — Sinful Woman Video (Luke 7:36-50)

An Interrupted Dinner — Have you ever wondered what Jesus did in his spare time? One thing we know for sure is that he went to dinner at other people’s homes. Watch this quirky video produced by Kensington Kids about one of those dinner invitations — where Jesus turned an unexpected event into a teachable moment […]

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What is sin youtube

9b — What is Sin? (Quiz)

Measuring Up — We as people are constantly comparing ourselves to others to see if we measure up. We compare how we look, what we wear, how fast we run, what grades we get, if we have more friends — and the list goes on. We even compare our sins. Have you ever thought, “Oh, I would […]

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9c — Making a Foot Soak

Saying Thank You Without Words — How soothing it must have felt when the weeping woman washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and tears and massaged them with the expensive fragrant oil. What a loving thing to do! Whereas her act also included worship, it would not be inappropriate to follow her example of loving service […]

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children of the world morphing

10a — All People are Precious Video

God Adores the Human Race — God deeply loves all people of the world — no matter their skin color, no matter their race. Watch as this video produced by Drakre52 morphs from one child’s face to another and feel the pride God must feel as he looks down with love at his precious creation […]

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10b — Why are People Different Colors? (Video)

The Science of Skin Colors — Have you ever wondered why people’s skin colors are different? — And how red, brown, yellow, black, and white people could have all come from Adam and Eve? So have I. Watch this interesting and fast paced video produced by Answers in Genesis that scientifically answers these questions. My […]

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10c — International Children’s Choirs

Children of the World Adore God — God’s love for people is so phenomenal that choirs around the world adore him through song. Here are two examples of international children’s choirs singing in honor of God — the first from the United Kingdom and the second from Africa. Notice that even though these two choirs […]

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