2c — Aurora Geo/Art

God’s Beautiful Aurora —


Geography Instructions: There are two different auroras. Read their names and definitions below. Then name the seven continents on the map and match them to the aurora that is sometimes visible from their closest shores (answers at the bottom).

Aurora Borealis = The colorful northern lights seen in the northern hemisphere’s nighttime sky.

Aurora Australis = The colorful southern lights seen in the southern hemisphere’s nighttime sky.

Art Instructions: Click on the link below for the Nurture Store to learn how to create a fun art project inspired by the northern lights. You will need:

Crayons: Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue, or Purple

Watercolor paints and brush

White paper, scissors, and glue


My Prayer

Dearest Father, Thank you for all the magnificent colors you display in the northern and southern lights. Life is beautiful. Thank you for giving this great gift of life to me. Amen.

Answers: (Aurora Borealis = North America, Europe, Asia) (Aurora Australis = South America, Africa, Australia, Antartica)