9b — What is Sin? (Quiz)

Measuring Up —

woman-looking-in-mirror-hi clkerWe as people are constantly comparing ourselves to others to see if we measure up. We compare how we look, what we wear, how fast we run, what grades we get, if we have more friends — and the list goes on. We even compare our sins.

Have you ever thought, “Oh, I would never do that!” or “I can’t believe he did that!” There is just something inside of us that secretly thinks, “If I am not as bad as someone else, then I am okay.”

That is how the Pharisee in Luke 7:36-39 thought. He looked down on the public sins of others as a way of making himself feel accepted by God.

So what is sin? If it’s not okay to compare ourselves to others, then what is God’s standard?

Answer the True and False questions below to better understand what the Bible means by the word sin.

True and False Quiz
(Answers are listed below “My Prayer”)

1. Sin is disobedience to God.

2. If I have only told one small lie, then I am not a sinner.

3. The Bible correctly teaches that all people sin.

4. Comparing ourselves to one another is not an accurate way to tell if we are sinners.

5. Sin means that we have missed God’s target by loving ourselves more than we love God and others.

6. The 10 Commandments have nothing to do with loving God and other people.

7. If I try really hard, I should be able to be perfect.

8. Jesus forgives people who insist they have never sinned.

9. Jesus knows that I am a sinner. He is pleased when I confess my sins and will faithfully forgive me.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, It is such a relief to realize that I don’t have to be perfect or be better than others for you to love me and forgive me. I confess to you that I am a sinner. Please forgive me. Thank you for your great love. I love you back. Amen.


Answers: 1-T, 2-F, 3-T, 4-T, 5-T, 6-F, 7-F, 8-F, 9-T