Dr. Milton Uecker

Dr. Milton Uecker, Columbia International University

Associate Dean, College of Education, Columbia Int’l University

Director of the Lowrie Center for Christian School Education

International Christian Education Speaker and Author

“This book has it all — rhyme for early literacy development, captivating photographs that help the young child to relate truth to life, clear statements of biblical truth, and clear and precise helps for parents to interact and teach children. Developmentally appropriate books that convey truth to a young audience while at the same time engage and involve parents are difficult to find.

As a university professor of both Early Childhood and Children’s literature, My Whole Self Before YOU will become part of my personal library.”

Dr. Uecker views placing God’s Word at the center of the curriculum as essential to the Christian school movement. The mission of the Lowrie Center for Christian School Education is to facilitate international networking, research, innovation, and the advancement of enduring ideas foundational to excellence in Christ-centered schooling around the world.

Dr. Kathy Koch

Founder and President of Celebrate Kids Inc, Fort Worth, TX

Internationally Celebrated Educational Speaker

Author of How Am I Smart? A Parent’s Guide to Multiple Intelligences

“Thank you for writing My Whole Self Before YOU. It’s marvelous for many reasons! You have perfectly interpreted the Lord’s Prayer with accurate and developmentally appropriate concepts.

The rhyming adds to the prayer rather than taking away from the message.
The pictures add greatly to the book. They are vibrant and relevant to the text and will enhance children’s comprehension, retention, application, and joy. Many cultures and both genders are well represented.

The “Side by Side Comparison to the Lord’s Prayer” will help people quickly decide the prayer is good for their children to learn.

The Learning Guide is ideal. There’s freedom — the book is great without it. With it, more in depth understanding will result.

Including “The Prayer Life of Jesus” is a wonderful way to keep the focus on Jesus and allows for a deep connection to be made between children and Jesus as they discover He models everything for them.

I believe it will sell very well!”

Celebrate Kids, Inc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping young people meet their core needs of security, identity, belonging, purpose, and competence in healthy ways. Through books, workshops, and seminars, Dr. Kathy presents practical, results-oriented concepts that give children, parents, and teachers the tools they need to improve children’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual health thus increasing success in school and life.

Editor James A. Cox

Editor-in-chief of the Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI

Teaching prayer often proves difficult for many Christian parents. My Whole Self Before YOU is a prayer guide for parents who want to better educate and inspire faith in their children, using verse, photography, and much more with tips for parents on teaching their kids how to better pray. With plenty of lessons and activities to consider, My Whole Self Before YOU is well worth considering for Christian children and parenting collections.

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