3b — Truth Crossword Puzzle

God Is Near to All Who Call on Him in Truth —

Instructions: Complete the crossword puzzle using words that have something
to do with truth. Click here to print out the puzzle.

(If you need help, the words are listed below in the prayer.)


1. something that has actually happened
4. with all of a person’s energy and interestTruth Dragon Clkr
7. not lying
9. not leaving anything out
10. pretend; not genuine
12. a lie

2. correct
3. agreeing with the facts
5. deserving to be trusted; reliable
6. to fool, trick, or deceive
8. a small untruth (2 words)
11. in error; mistaken

My Prayer

Dearest Father, I want to be wholehearted in my relationship with you. Help me to always be honest, true, and trustworthy in everything I talk to you about. May I never be fake or try to mislead you. May I never speak a falsehood, even if it is a little white lie. May I always tell you the whole truth about myself and others, be careful to have each fact accurate, and confess when I have been wrong. Thank you so much for loving honesty. Amen