39a — Wise or Foolish? (Video)

Are You a Wise or Foolish Follower? —

After teaching the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus concluded with this question:

“Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?”

In other words, “If you believe that I am the Supreme Authority and have the right to tell you how to live, wouldn’t you be wise to do the things I tell you?”

Jesus then told a parable about two builders — one wise, one foolish — to make his point even clearer.

Watch this homemade family video from the Bible Boys that brings the parable of the two builders to life. Then check out the suggested activity after the video.

My Prayer

Dearest Lord, I want to be a wise follower and do as you teach. Please reveal any areas in my life where I am ignoring you and doing my own foolish thing. Thank you. Amen.

Suggested Activity

Write your own application to this parable similar to the bike riding story and act it out for your friends or family. If you have time, video it.