38c — Treasure Hunting

What Treasure Are You Seeking? —

Jesus taught that we are seeking God first if we pursue him like we would a hidden treasure — with all of our hearts.

So what is it like to be on a real treasure hunt? These are some of the words people use to describe it.

11949975131745602844package_games_strategy.svg.medGreat fun.

Exciting chance of discovery.

Stimulating adventure.

Terrifying, yet thrilling encounters.

Frustrating attempts.

Experience a modern day search for real treasure as you watch this video about hunting for the million dollar box of Forest Fenn. Then plot out your own treasure hunt by using the guidelines below.

Suggested Activity — Designing a Treasure Hunt

Using the 7 “I Am” names of Jesus, create a treasure hunt for your class, family, or group of friends. Here is what you will need:

1) A hidden treasure box — filled with something of value.

2) 7 hidden clue envelopes, each with one of the following verses inside:
John 6:35
John 8:12
John 10:9
John 10:11
John 11:25
John 14:6
John 15:1

3) Bibles — to look up the verses as they are found

How it works: Hand the first envelope to the seeker/s. They take the verse reference out of the envelope and read in their Bibles, “I am the bread of life, he who comes to Me shall not hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.” Since the “I Am” statement is the clue, it would be logical to go to a place where there is a loaf or slice of bread to find the next clue envelope. Obviously, the people who plan the locations and hide the envelopes and treasure cannot play, but planning can be even more fun than hunting. Teams of two or three seekers will help everyone stay involved. Enjoy!

Here is the list of “I am’s” for planning purposes:
John 6:35 — The Bread of Life
John 8:12 — The Light of the World
John 10:9 — The Door
John 10:11 — The Good Shepherd
John 11:25 — The Resurrection and the Life
John 14:6 — The Way, the Truth, and the Life
John 15:1 — The Vine

A driveway might be a good location for John 14:6 or a tree for John 15:1 — something that is as similar to the object as possible. Remember: the hidden verse should never be at the location it describes, but at the previous location. The treasure box will be at the final location.

My Prayer

After the treasure hunt, discuss what it was like to seek treasure and how it relates to God’s desire that we seek him first with our whole hearts. Don’t be afraid to talk about the frustrating parts as well as the thrilling parts. Then turn your thoughts and phrases into a prayer.


For a worksheet and further information on the 7 “I Am” names of Jesus, refer back to Study Guide Activity 33b.