39b — Cornerstone Music Video

Jesus is My Cornerstone —


These are ruins of Glastonbury Abbey in Somerset, England. Which is the cornerstone?

In ancient times, a cornerstone or foundation stone was the first rock placed at the corner of a building. It was usually the largest and most solid of the base stones and was carefully placed to make sure the structure had a firm footing. If removed, the entire building was in danger of collapsing.

In Ephesians 2:19-22, Jesus is described as the Cornerstone. He is the sure foundation of his church which he is building with living stones — faithful followers from every tribe and nation that he is uniting and shaping into one holy structure or body.

Meditate on this wonderful thought as you sing with Hillsong the powerful chorus called Cornerstone. If the words sound familiar, they were adapted from the old hymn: “On Christ the Solid Rock I stand — all other ground is sinking sand.”

My Prayer

I wholly trust in your name, Jesus, because you alone are the Cornerstone of my faith and the Lord of all. I praise you and bow before you. May I be wise to build my life on your firm foundation and solid teachings. Amen.