57a — Do Not Covet (Exodus 20:17)

What Does it Mean to Covet? —

In the Ten Commandments, God reinforces his command to not steal by also commanding us not to covet.

Coveting is what happens in people’s hearts before stealing. It is an overwhelming selfish desire to own something that belongs to another —
something that is not for sale.

Watch the following videos to understand some of the common things that young people covet. Afterward, identify what was coveted in each video:
1) a prized possession
2) position and privilege
3) an exclusive relationship

(Thanks to TattoosChans Entertainment, Poke My Heart, and Kid Blast for posting these videos online for educational purposes.)

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Please help me to be a contented person and to not covet things that belong to other people. When you notice that I desire something I should not have, please bring it to my attention, so that I may confess my sin and please you in all I think and do. Thank you. Amen.