57b — Defeating the Green Eyed Monster

Invasion of the Green Eyed Monster —

green eyed monsterJealousy is also known as the Green Eyed Monster. Why? . . . because jealousy or envy is an extreme passion that overtakes all of us at times like a raging monster. It is a mixture of fear and anger laced with urgency that consumes our every thought. This passionate monster screams inside our souls, “I need this! I can’t rest ’til I have this!!”

Taming the Monster

How can we tame this monster of greed and self-centeredness?

Distraction, humor, and truth are the keys:

1) Go jump in the lake! — In other words, do something else you enjoy. The Green Eyed Monster only wants to think about one thing.

2) Laugh out loud. — In other words, make a joke, raise your chin, and smile. The Green Eyed Monster hates being happy.

3) Give thanks. — In other words, start counting your blessings. The Green Eyed Monster only likes to count the blessings of others.

Other Helpful Advice for Overcoming the Green Eyed Monster

Here are some other words of wisdom that will help you in your goal to defeat the Green Eyed Monster.

The grass always looks greener on the other side — but once you get there, it rarely is.

“Be happy for others when good comes their way. You’ll want them returning the favor someday.” ©Susan Case Bonner

Stop counting someone else’s blessings and begin counting your own.

green eyed monster bookmarkRemember that fair and equal are not always the same.

Have many friends — don’t put your eggs in only one basket.

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Proverbs 14:30

Making a Green Eyed Monster Bookmark

Consider making a Green Eyed Monster bookmark to remind you of the pitfalls of jealousy. Check out the video below.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Thank you for all the people, things, and pleasures you have given me. When the Green Eyed Monster of jealousy attacks me, give me the skills I need to tame him. May I learn to be happy and content with what you’ve given me — and be willing to wait for the right time to get the things I desire. Thank you for your help in this area. Amen.