13c — Wild Hair Art

God Knows Every Detail About Us —

CIMG6414 Dream Draw CreateEveryone has a wild hair day now and then!

Here is a fun art project that celebrates God’s magnificent ability to know every detail about us and yet still love us — even on those less-than-perfect, crazy, wild hair days. (This is an art project originally shared on the internet by Art Instructor Janis from upstate New York.)

Art Supplies:

Blank watercolor paper
Pencil with eraser
Black Sharpie (Permanent Ink)
Watercolor paints and brush


  1. Draw a simple large cup in the middle of your paper with two handles — one on each side. This will be your face and ears.
  2. Draw 2 eyes, a nose, and mouth on the front of the cup. (If you need help drawing a face for your art project, watch the helpful video by Art Teacher Paul Priestly below.)
  3. Draw curly cues on the top of the cup for bangs.
  4. Draw different lines going up, out, and down around the cup — make some straight, some curvy, some zigzagged, some like train tracks.
  5. Decorate the lines with different shapes.
  6. Trace your drawing with a black permanent marker. Let it dry.
  7. Paint the whole drawing with vivid watercolors.
  8. My Prayer

    Dearest Father, I don’t need to be afraid, because you know all about me and love me still — even on those less-than-perfect, crazy, wild hair days. Thank you so much. Amen.


    Write out Jesus’ words in Luke 12:6,7 and attach it to your painting as a reminder of God’s detailed love for you.