30b — Resurrection Timeline

Make a Resurrection Timeline —

Instructions: Below is a picture column to the left and a timeline column with Bible passages to the right. The timeline column is listed in order. The picture column is all mixed up.

Read each Bible passage. Then select and match the correct picture for that time slot.

Click here for a cut and paste version that you can print out.


First Eyewitness

First Eyewitness

Friday at 3 pm

(Matthew 27:45-50)






Cropped Tomb

Jesus Arose

Friday by 6 pm

(Luke 23:50-45)






Jesus Died

Jesus Died

Saturday after 6 pm

(Matthew 27:62-66)







Jesus Appeared to 10

Early Sunday Morning

(Matthew 28:2-4)






Road to Emmaus

On Road to Emmaus

Sunday Pre-light

(John 20:1-8)






Thomas Convinced

Thomas Convinced

Sunday Morning

(Matthew 28:11-15)






Tomb Secured

Tomb Secured

Sunday Day

(Luke 24:13-35)






Jesus Laid in Tomb

Jesus Laid in Tomb

Sunday Evening

(John 20:19-20)






Guards Paid Off

Guards Paid Off

Next Sunday

(John 20:24-29)





My Prayer

Dearest Father, Thank you for planning the death and resurrection of your beloved Son down to the day and moment. You promised you would send a Savior to help us — and you did it exactly as you planned! You are truly remarkable — willing even to experience great suffering so that I might be saved from eternal death. I bow myself before you in admiration for your great gift of love! Amen.