19b — One Solitary Life Video

The Far Reaching Influence of One Solitary Life —

11954220411982838432liftarn_Sign_language_D_finger_pointing.svg.hiJesus is often referred to as the Master Teacher — and so he is.

He took the unknown and made it understandable through well chosen words, stories, illustrations, and example. He painted pictures in people’s minds about things they did not know about God, life, and truth. Not only did his teachings inspire and change the lives of those in his day, but also in every generation thereafter.

If a teacher’s effectiveness is measured by the number of people he has influenced, then Jesus is truly the Master of all Teachers.

Listen to the impact of this One Solitary Life.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Thank you for the impact and influence of this One Solitary Life — your Son Jesus. Thank you for all of the things he is teaching me. Amen.

The essay known as “One Solitary Life” was written by Dr. James Allan Francis in The Real Jesus and Other Sermons, 1926, Judson Press of Philadelphia, pages 123-124, originally entitled “Arise Sir Knight!”

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