19c — Master Teacher Crossword Puzzle

Traits of a Master Teacher —

Instructions: Complete the crossword puzzle using words that are characteristics of a great teacher. Click here to print out the puzzle.

(If you need help, the words are listed below in the prayer.)Teacher Traits Crossword Puzzle

5.    Showing eager interest
6.    Filling others with an urge to respond
8.    Polite treatment of others
10.  Reacting quickly and positively
11.  Kind and welcoming
12.  Easy to talk to

1.    A person skilled in conveying information (2 words)
2.    Fair
3.    Ability to tolerate delays or problems
without becoming annoyed
4.    Well informed
5.    Giving support, confidence, or hope
7.    Pleasant mood mixed with laughter (3 words)
9.    Unwavering in discipline and order

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Jesus was a great example of what it means to be a master teacher. He was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about his subject. He was a good communicator, inspiring people to listen and learn. He was respectful and responsive to the needs of those he taught, as well as, being patient, kind, and encouraging. People loved being around him, because he was approachable and friendly, even showing a sense of humor at times. On the other hand, he was firm and consistent when disagreements arose. Thank you so much for sending him to us. Amen.