14b — Lost Coin Video (Luke 15:8-10)

Parable of the Lost Coin —

1197103065746278958mcol_money_bag.svg.hiPrecious. It was a precious coin — not just a penny, but a valuable silver coin — one of ten silver coins that represented her family’s savings or her personal dowry. It was nowhere to be found.

The woman couldn’t believe it wasn’t with the others. She counted over and over again, but it was gone.

She cried to her friends and neighbors. Maybe she had accidentally left the silver coin at one of their homes — but no, it wasn’t there either. It was lost!

edit-clear-hiThe woman decided she couldn’t give up. She returned to her house, took out her broom, and swept every inch. She lit a lamp and put it down on the floor to illuminate the imperfections of the hardened mud surface, moving objects as she went. Then she caught a glimmer over near the edge of the room.

She quickly got down on her knees to look closer. There it was, the lost silver coin — wedged into a rut in the corner. She carefully loosened the valuable coin from the narrow furrow and ran to rejoice with her neighbors. Her precious lost coin had been found!

That’s the same way it is in heaven. People on earth are precious to God. He loves them and wants their love in return — no matter how far from him they might be. When even one person repents of his sins and returns to God, there is great rejoicing in heaven. It’s as if the lost has been found.

This is one way of retelling the Parable of the Lost Coin as originally told by Jesus in Luke 15:8-10. Watch the following video created by Sam Manchester from North Sydney for another fun version of this story.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Thank you that you and your angels celebrate in heaven when even one precious person repents of his sinful ways and loves you back. You are awesome! Thank you for your amazing love. Amen.