54a — Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Admiring God’s Faithfulness —

A fascinating feature of the Ten Commandments is that they reveal the nature and character of God. In other words, they show us what he is like.

One of the traits they reveal is that God is 100% loyal in his relationships. As a result, he expects those who love him to be 100% loyal and faithful to him in return. He also expects this in our relationships with others — especially in the most important human relationship we call marriage.

That is why God tells us in the Ten Commandments not to commit adultery (Exodus 20:14). Adultery is unfaithfulness in marriage. It happens when one partner shares affection with someone else besides their marriage partner.

To feel and understand the outstanding nature of the complete faithfulness of God, listen to Gordon Mote and the Voices of Lee as they sing the hymn “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.”

My Prayer

Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father. There is no shadow of turning with thee. Thou changest not, thy compassions they fail not. As thou hast been, thou forever wilt be. Great is thy faithfulness! Great is thy faithfulness! Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed thy hand hath provided. Great is thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me.

Thank you for your outstanding example of faithfulness. I want to be just like you. Amen.