54b — What God Means by Covenant

Understanding a Covenant Relationship —

A covenant is a permanent promise between 2 persons that creates a partnership for accomplishing a common goal. Marriage is an example of this type of relationship. In a marriage covenant, a man and woman promise to be exclusively and permanently faithful to one another in order to create and nurture a family.

Successful marriage covenants are the backbone of a healthy society. That is why God commands his people to be faithful in marriage and not commit adultery. Adultery is an act which brings a third partner into an exclusive marriage relationship — the ultimate covenant breaker.

Since God is the one who has initiated important covenants throughout history, it is helpful to better understand the concept of making covenants from his perspective. So watch the following video produced by a creative team of people called The Bible Project to gain more insight into what God means by covenant.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Your way of doing things is so interesting and fulfilling. Thank you for the gift of covenant relationships and for the benefit they bring to the whole world. You are amazing! Make me into a faithful covenant keeper just like you. Amen.