73b — Fill My Life Object Lesson

Letting the Spirit Fill My Life —

What if we could see the Holy Spirit living inside us? Would that cause us to depend on him more?

Honestly, I think it would. For me, it would be very helpful!

So here’s an interesting object lesson I found to help us all picture the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. To participate, collect the items listed below and then click on the link to Terrace Palms Community Church in Tampa, Florida, for instructions.


Things to Collect in Advance

1- A large glass jar

2- Small objects that represent important activities, interests, and possessions in your life (must be small enough to fit in the jar and able to get wet)

3- Small pebbles
4- A pitcher of water

5- Black permanent Sharpie
6- Several small sponges (as many as the number of objects)

My Prayer

Dearest Holy Spirit, Thank you for coming to live inside me. I believe my life is better when I allow you to be an active part of everything I do. As a result, I give you permission to fill my life with your desires and to shape my priorities. Thank you for helping me grow in this area. I want to soak you up! Amen.