Welcome to Our Homeschool Pilot Families

A hearty welcome to all our homeschool pilot families from around the country!

Thank you for agreeing to be part of our Weave Your Word in Me pilot program through Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Your Bible study and prayer guide is in the mail!

Let me tell you a little bit about us.

Our Kid Niche Christian Books website and all the resources it represents is a faith destination for Christian homes and classrooms — through which we introduce fun and interesting topics that help children and their families understand who God is and how to communicate with him.

As you poke around, you’ll notice that prayer is central to everything we do at Kid Niche Christian Books. It is not uncommon to define prayer as talking to God, yet we prefer to expand this description to include understanding and friendship with God — and these require both talking AND listening.

We listen to God when we:

1) read, hear, or think about his Word (the Bible),

2) watch what he has done or is doing in his creation (the world), and

3) seek to understand how these things affect who we are and the choices we make in life.

The concept of listening is important to prayer, because it is the only way of getting to know God for who he is and how he thinks. And once we begin to understand God for who he really is, the talking part of prayer becomes so much more natural — just like in our earthly relationships.

There are many opportunities to listen to God in the pages of Weave Your Word in Me and also through the free enrichment activities I’ve posted on this site. As you and your children listen, though, keep in the mind that the goal is not to get knowledge alone, but rather to build a relationship — by giving God the chance to interact with you as you open your hearts to him.

So, use this carefully prepared curriculum and website to grow individually and as a family in your ability to listen and talk with God. After all, the more we practice whole-hearted interaction with God (both listening and talking), the better we become at this life-changing skill.

Enjoy God forever,

Susan Case Bonner

P.S. As we at Kid Niche labeled each Weave Your Word in Me curriculum package for mailing this week, our hearts were ablaze with a profound sense of God’s Kingdom — as we anticipated uniting with fellow seekers of the triune God for the common purpose of loving him, knowing him, and interacting with him more deeply. So once again, welcome! We are thrilled to be in partnership with you!

September 22,2017