4a — God Hears and Will Answer

No Walkie Talkie Needed for God to Answer —

When we pray to God, we often ask him to do something for us.

There are three different ways he will answer this type of prayer.

All three of the above are answers to prayer.

Which answer do we most like to get?  yes / wait / no

Which answer requires the most patience?  yes / wait / no

Which answer requires the most trust and respect?  yes / wait / no

Watch the walkie-talkie video below by Jeannette Edgar
to better understand this amazing communication we call prayer.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Thank you that you always hear and answer my prayers, but that does not mean you always give me what I want. Please help me to learn to wait for your answer without doubting that you love me — and please help me to continue to trust and respect you even when you say “no.” Amen.