80c — Worship the Lord Wherever You Go

Worship the Lord Even in Public Places —

The musical group Worship on the Porch states on their website: “Worship isn’t confined to the four walls of the church nor is it a moment that we have during worship at a service. We worship God everywhere!”

Proving they live what they believe, group members Abigail, Nathan, and Peta sing to the Lord on the steps of St. Kevin’s Arcade in Auckland, New Zealand.

Enjoy watching this inspired display of joy-filled worship as they welcome the Holy Spirit to join them in this very public place. (Music and words of Holy Spirit were written by Bryan and Katie Torwalt.)

My Prayer

Dearest Lord! There’s nothing worth more that will every come close. No thing can compare. You’re our living hope. Your presence Lord — thank you for showering us with your presence. May we shower you back with our love and attention — even in public places. Amen.