40b — What Is Philanthropy?

Philanthropy: the Opposite of Greed —

One of the best ways to understand a difficult concept is to take a look at its opposite.

The opposite of greed is philanthropy (fill-an-throw-pee). Philanthropy is the practice of giving money, time, or talent to help make life better for other people. A person who practices philanthropy is called a philanthropist.

It is easy to think that a philanthropist is only someone who is very wealthy, but is that true?

Watch this simple show produced by Global Philanthropy Group to understand how each of us can have a part in practicing philanthropy.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Keep me from thinking that only the very wealthy can be philanthropists. Inspire me in at least one way to use a portion of my time, talent, and money to make the lives of others better. Once I have a solid idea, help me to be faithful to act on it. To your glory and for the betterment of humanity I ask this, Amen.