21a — Twelve Disciples Music Video

Jesus Called Twelve Apostles —

apostlesbwIncreasingly, it was plain that Jesus was a teacher who had been sent from God. As a result, there were many people who followed him whenever they could to listen and learn from this great man. These people were called disciples which means learners.

Jesus specifically chose twelve of these disciples to be with him wherever he went in order to train them to do all the things he did. These twelve men he called apostles. (Mark 3:13-19)

An apostle is one who is sent on a mission. God the Father sent Jesus. Jesus likewise sent his apostles.

Listen to the two following songs that put these twelve names to music. Choose one of the tunes to memorize as an easy way to remember their names.

My Prayer

Dearest Jesus, God sent you on a mission to offer forgiveness to the world. Thank you for training your disciples to join you in accomplishing that mission. Please train me and include me in this ongoing mission. Thank you. Amen.