65a — Tug of War How-To

Tug of War Technique —

Everyday there is a tug of war going on inside our hearts between the Holy Spirit and our selfish, natural desires called the flesh. The Spirit urges us to do what pleases God. Our flesh urges us to do what is selfish.

Since we want the Spirit to win, it is important that we join him and learn to pull with him, rather than against him.

For a visual of the wholehearted effort it takes, watch this video created by the Tug of War International Federation. Then check out the all-out effort a young tugger in Kazakhstan gives in order to out-tug the opposing team (posted by itsJeho).

My Prayer

Dearest Holy Spirit, Thank you so much that you are on my team helping me to defeat my selfish desires. I want our side to win, so help me to give my all and not to give up in this spiritual tug of war against my sinful flesh. Thank you. Amen.