41c — Tic Tac Toe Evangelism

Evangelism Made Easy —

love-god-and-your-neighbor-1-1428871Telling others about Jesus . . .
being a witness for Christ . . .
personal evangelism . . .
these three are all the same thing.

It is something faithful followers are eager to do — to let other people know who Jesus is, how much he means to them personally, and what he offers to all people.

But how does evangelism become a part of our lives? How do we share Christ without feeling awkward?

Here are two videos that might help.

The first is a method or plan called Tic Tac Toe Evangelism. It is simple to understand and adapt to different age groups. The second is a fun, amazing video from Max 7 that is easy to initiate watching with friends and is a great conversation starter. Both help with the sometimes frightening task of how to bring up the subject of faith in Jesus.

See what you think.

My Prayer

Dearest Jesus, I think you are amazing! You have changed my life and I want to tell others about you. Please help me find ways to naturally talk about you with my friends and neighbors — not in an obnoxious, pushy kind of way, but with genuine love and friendship. Thank you so much. Amen.