50a — Ten Commandments Hand Motions

Learn the Ten Commandments Hand Motions —

We know God gave Ten Commandments, but we don’t know for sure how he numbered them. Some Christians divide the first statements about loyalty to God into 2 commands (Exodus 20:3-4) and other Christians divide the last statements about coveting into 2 commands (Exodus 20:17).

No matter how you choose to sort and number the Ten Commandments, one method that will help you learn them all is to use hand motions. Here are two examples.

The first is a hand motions song by Joel Shank. It is based on the Anglican or Reformed method of numbering. The second is a hand motions reminder by Lauren Anders based on the Lutheran or Roman Catholic method of numbering. (Note: Catholic teachers and students can easily tweak the hand motion for commandment nine to reflect how they divide the coveting items.)

Choose your favorite and get memorizing.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Thank you for your easy-to-understand statements called the Ten Commandments that teach us how to love you and each other. Help me to learn them, so that I can faithfully pursue keeping them. Amen.