77c — Pray Like Jesus

Learn to Pray Like Jesus —

Jesus is our example in so many ways, and being great at praying is one of the most important.

So — to help you grow in your ability to pray like Jesus, I’ve created a reproducible prayer journal page that outlines 6 different ways we know Jesus prayed.

1) Click here to print the Jesus Is Our Example prayer journal page.

2) Since prayer is a two way conversation, practice listening to God by reading and thinking about his Word. Write down the date and your chosen Bible passage in the middle of the page. (I recommend using Psalm 139:17-18 this first time.)

3) Next record your prayers using drawings, bullet points, or sentences in each of the six boxes.

4) When you say “Amen,” go on with your life and watch for God’s answers.

5) Remember, God will answer you, but his timing and answers may be different than what you originally expect. Since he often replies in stages, don’t forget to watch for what he is doing next. When he answers, record the date and details next to the original request. Then have a little praise party!

My Prayer

Dearest God, I’m so excited to engage with all three of you — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — in this wonderful 2 way conversation called prayer. Thank you for seeking me and wanting me to seek you in return. Please help me and guide me as I learn to pray like Jesus. Amen.