76c — Personal Prayer Companion (Craft)

God Gives Us Our Own Personal Prayer Companion —

Have you ever thought, “I wish I was better at praying. I wish I knew the right thing to say.” God anticipated that you might feel this way and so he came up with a simple solution — a Personal Prayer Companion. That’s right! God has given each of his children a Personal Prayer Companion. His name is the Holy Spirit.

Romans 8:26-27 teaches us that every time we pray, the Holy Spirit joins us and does these two things:

1) He takes our words and interprets them according to God’s will — telling the Father what we ought to say, but don’t yet understand.

2) He tells the Father our heart-words when we don’t know what actual words to pray.

My Prayer

How amazing! What a great gift! I have a Personal Prayer Companion. Thank you Father! You knew just what I needed. Amen.

To remind you of the Holy Spirit and his role as your Personal Prayer Companion, consider making this tissue paper flame designed by Ink & Glue. Click on the link for instructions.