52c — The Perfect 10 Song

Memorize the Perfect 10!

Take the time to memorize the Perfect 10 — commandments that is. This fun children’s song by Rudy Micelli reminds us that the special list known as the 10 Commandments was handed down by God himself. It is not a list to be treated lightly, because God took the time to write these commands with his own hand on tablets of stone.

So listen, sing along, and memorize the Perfect 10. (Then try out the review game below.)

My Prayer

Dearest Father, Thank you for these perfect 10 Commandments that teach me about your will and your ways. Help me to learn them and live by them. Amen.


Suggested Activity:

Write the following list of commandments on 3 x 5 cards (one on each card). Then mix them up and see how quickly you can put them back in the correct order based on the list from Exodus 20.

(Since some Christians divide and number the 10 Commandments differently than this list — feel free to combine the first two commands into one and expand the last command into two if you prefer. The way you divide and number them does not change their meaning.)

No Other Gods

No Idols

Don’t Misuse God’s Name

Remember Sabbath

Honor Parents

Don’t Murder

True to Mate

Don’t Steal

Don’t Lie

Don’t Covet