11a — Opposites (Video & Quiz)

Thinking in Opposites —

In Matthew 5:44-45, Jesus taught a surprising truth — that God is kind to all people, even bad people! He went on to teach that if we want to be like God, we need to begin to think and act the opposite of how we naturally feel.

Listen to this fun song about Opposites by the String Beans and then check out the Opposites Quiz below.

Opposites Quiz

(Read Matthew 5:44-45 and fill in the blanks based on what Jesus teaches. If the exact word is not in the passage, use a similar word that fits the meaning of the sentence.)

The opposite of friend is __ __ __ __ __.

The opposite of love is __ __ __ __.

The opposite of nice is __ __ __ __.

The opposite of loving your friend is loving your __ __ __ __ __.

The opposite of praying for those you like is praying for those you don’t __ __ __ __.

The opposite of being kind to those who are nice is being kind to those who are __ __ __ __.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, I am amazed how different you are from me — that you naturally love people who hate you and show kindness to those who are mean to you. Forgive me for treating people the way I feel about them. Teach me how to love like you love. Help me to show kindness to people I don’t like and to pray for those who are mean to me. Thank you. Amen.

Answers: enemy, hate, mean, enemy, like, mean