32b — Names of Jesus Game

Learning the Names of Jesus —

Second-coming-red-robeTwo angels stood beside the disciples as they gazed up into the sky watching Jesus disappear in the clouds. They assured the disciples that Jesus would one day come back again. Unlike his first coming, however, he will not enter the world as a vulnerable baby in Bethlehem, but he will appear in the clouds for all to see with the power and title of King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Watch the following video produced by David C. Cook to see what the Bible records as other titles and names of Jesus. Then learn the names and their meanings by creating the Matching Game described below.

My Prayer

Dearest Lord Jesus, Thank you that you did not leave us permanently, but will one day come back as the Powerful Ruler of the Universe bringing peace and justice to the whole Earth. Help me to join you in your work until you return and to live in a way that will make you proud. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Video: David C. Cook is a worldwide Christian publishing company. This video is a sample from its Rio Curriculum that helps leaders and children discover God’s Word and hear His voice.

Names of Jesus Matching Game

1) Write each of the following 17 names of Jesus on 3″ x 5″ cards — one on each card. Write their definitions on 17 more cards.

2) Place each name and matching definition side by side.

3) Draw a simple object next to the words on each pair — the same object on both cards — so that they can be easily identified as a pair (17 different objects in all).

4) Mix the 34 cards together and place them upside down on a table.

5) When it is your turn, flip two cards over at a time. If they match, keep the pair and take another turn. If the two cards do not match, flip them back over in the same place and the next person takes a turn.

6) When all the cards have been matched, the person or team with the most matched pairs wins the game.

Below is the list of the names and definitions to make the cards.

Messiah = Deliverer
Lord = The One Who is in Charge
The Christ = Anointed One
Immanuel = God With Us
Ruler = One With Authority
King of the Jews = Ruler of the People of Israel
Son of God = Second Person of the Trinity
Son of Man = God Born as a Human
Son of David = Descendant of King David
Branch from the Stump of Jesse = Descendant of King David’s Father
Good Shepherd = Loving Caregiver of His People
Prince of Peace = Royal One Who Brings Peace
Wonderful Counselor = One Who Gives Guidance and Instruction
Mighty God = Powerful Ruler
Everlasting Father = One Who Loves His Children Forever
Light = One Who Brings Brightness and Hope
Jesus = The Promised Redeemer