48a — Good and Evil (Video)

What is Evil? —

When we are tempted, we desire to do something that is not good. But what is good and what is evil?

Watch the following video for an explanation of good and evil. Then follow up by completing the activity below.

Good and Evil Activity

People need and crave these four things:

1) Affection (I want to be liked.)
2) Recognition (I want to be noticed.)
3) Admiration (I want to be praised.)
4) Power (I want to make sure my needs are met.)

These four things are needs of all people. They are neither right or wrong — but how a person goes about getting these needs met is all about right and wrong, good and evil.

The following are all wrong ways of getting needs met. For each of the four statements, identify the type of need from the list above and how you would meet that need using good methods rather than evil.

1- I glance at another person’s paper and change one of my answers before handing in my test, because I want my parents to be proud of my grade.

2- I tell an unflattering story about another person, because I know he is hated by the listener and I want the listener to be my friend.

3- I brag about how much money I received as a birthday gift from my grandparents.

4- I push my friends out of the way and race to the best seat before anyone else can get it.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, When I am tempted to meet my needs in a wrong or evil way, lead me in a different path. Remind me of your goodness and help me to resist evil and do what is good. Thank you. Amen.