23b — Facts about Breathing (Video)

God’s Amazing Breath of Life —

How many things do we take for granted everyday? Well, breathing is definitely one.

Watch this scientific explanation of how our lungs work produced by Emma Bryce through TED-Ed.

Then marvel at the amazing detailed system God put in place to keep us breathing — or in the case of Jairus’ daughter to make her breathe again.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, In the last hour I took about 1000 breaths. Thank you for making sure there was enough air to keep me breathing. Thank you for designing my body so that I can inhale and exhale without even thinking about it. You are truly magnificent. May I be careful to always thank you for this great gift. Please help those whose lungs are ill or injured. Comfort them and help them. Give them courage and strength. Heal them if it is your will. And may they bless your name forever. Amen.

For more interesting TED educational videos, go to https://ed.ted.com/