55b — Defining Stealing and Why Kids Do It

Looking More Closely at Stealing —

Watch this Cine Kids video about stealing and then take the quiz below to see what you remember.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, You don’t steal from anyone and you don’t want me to steal either. If I have been guilty of any kind of stealing — even borrowing things without permission — please forgive me and help me to make things right. May I desire to be trustworthy above all else. Thank you. Amen.



Taking something that does not ____________ to me is called stealing.

Identify the different types by filling in the blanks.

1) I keep something I find in a public place without trying to find the ____________.

2) I copy information word for word from books or the ____________ and pretend I wrote it — called plagiarism.

3) I take something from home without my parent’s or sibling’s ____________.

4) I copy or download a cd or dvd, so that I don’t have to ____________ one.

5) I borrow something from a friend without ____________ them.

6) I take something from a store without ____________ for it — called shoplifting.


These are common reasons kids give for stealing. See how many you know.

7) I ____________ it but I can’t afford it.

8) No one else will ____________ that it’s missing.

9) Other people have more than they ____________, so it doesn’t matter if I take some.

10) I’m ____________ that I don’t have this, so I steal it.

11) I want to ____________ my friends or be included as part of a ____________.

12) I want to get even with someone, so I take ____________.


Answers: belong, 1–owner, 2–internet, 3–permission, 4–buy, 5–asking, 6–paying, 7–want, 8–notice, 9–need, 10–angry, 11–impress/group, 12–revenge