72a — Convicted or Condemned?

How to Tell If You’re Feeling Convicted or Condemned —

Here is a helpful 3 minute explanation by Ka’ala Souza from Oahu, Hawaii, of what it means to feel convicted of sin by the Holy Spirit.

Oh! And after the video, check out this link for a great example of what feeling condemned looks like. (The mother/son conversation starts about half way down the page.)


My Prayer

Dearest Holy Spirit, I don’t really like feeling convicted of sin, but I understand now how important these reminders from you are. They bring me back to you so that I can experience your limitless forgiveness. Thank you for never giving up on me — for never condemning me. Thank you for wanting me as your child, and yes, for continuing to convict me when I sin, so that I can come to you for forgiveness and cleansing. Amen.