71b — Choral Reading Anyone?

What Is a Choral Reading?

A choral reading is a story recited in unison. Just like in a choir, the members use pace, volume, and word emphasis to create feelings, but without the music. A well known story can come across as new and fresh by using this method.

A choral reading group is made up of a director and readers — some soloists, some chorus members.

The choral director needs to:

1) Decide the volume and pace of each line of the story.

2) Assign the parts — solos and choruses. (Select a strong reader with good volume to be the lead voice in each chorus.)

3) Rehearse with the members so they recite with meaning and precision — as if they are one voice.

The choral members need to:

1) Highlight their parts.

2) Notate any special instructions given by the director.

3) Begin together, speak at the same rate of speed, and enunciate.

Click here for an interesting Choral Reading of the Unforgiving Governor based on Matthew 18:21-35. In this adapted story, there are 2 soloists, 2 choruses, and a king.

My Prayer

Dearest Father, I love the thought of using interesting methods to teach your Word. It reminds me of Jesus and how he taught. Please use me for your glory. Amen.