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Imagine your children and grandchildren praying the way Jesus taught his disciples — using their minds and hearts.

For Bedtime Prayers

Let us help you help your kids to learn to pray like Jesus -- using both mind and heart. Whether at bedtime, family devotions, or during an afternoon break, our biblical resources will guide you in teaching your children to pray to their Heavenly Father with meaning, sincerity, faith, and understanding.

For Spiritual Mentoring

Be a spiritual mentor to your kids by helping them learn the lessons Jesus wove within the Lord's Prayer. Our upper elementary curriculum called Weave Your Word in Me is perfect for guiding preteens to discover and apply biblical truth for themselves. Students, parents, and teachers alike love the free website activities that bring each lesson to life -- and since the workbook is formatted in the same way as the picture prayer book for younger children, the whole family can be learning and praying together.

For Childhood Gifts

Our award winning book, My Whole Self Before YOU, is a meaningful baby shower, baby dedication/baptism, Sunday School advancement, birthday, or friendship gift. It is also a great reader for preschool and early elementary children, as well as being an easy tool for grandparents to use for effortlessly sharing their faith with their grandkids.

The Bookshelf

Weave Your Word in Me

Tweens love to communicate . . . so teach them to communicate with God.

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Specially Designed
with Tweens in Mind


My Whole Self Before You

Oh! So Maybe I Can!


Don’t let your kids down!

And certainly don’t give up!

You can do it —

you can teach your children to pray!

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