Prayer is Priceless

Prayer is priceless Shutterstock 72dpiKeith and I were brainstorming the other day about possible prayer slogans. We started with the concept that “talk is cheap.” This spurred the thought, “Yeah, but prayer is priceless.”

There is so much emphasis these days on starting early to make wise monetary investments – putting away money for college, investing in gold, etc. – that the next logical thought was, “Begin investing while you’re young.”

And thus, a new slogan, “Prayer is priceless. Begin investing young.”

Of course, just like with monetary investments, few children have the insight, understanding, or know-how to devote themselves to investing in prayer unless they are given guidance by wise adults.

So enters the parent.

Every Christian parent wants their children to learn to pray. But who will teach them? It won’t happen in the public school and if it happens in the Christian school without also happening at home, it may not “take” as a lifestyle choice. After all, children model what they see in those they admire most. And especially when they are young, they admire their parents.

So practice praying with your children as a lifestyle.

Bedtime is a no-brainer. Thanking God at mealtime is only respectful. Praying a blessing over your children as they begin their day – how perfectly natural. Pausing and asking God to help with the cares that present themselves throughout the day – a great stress reliever.

There are so many ways that we can talk with God in the presence of our children throughout the day. Use some memorized prayers and some spontaneous. Use Bible passages or songs as prayers. (I personally love the Johnny Appleseed Song – I even find myself converting popular, secular songs to prayers. It’s fun!)

Keep your prayers short and to the point – don’t hold a prayer meeting every time you pray!

And remember, you don’t have to be an expert. Just get in there and do it!

Enjoy God forever,

Susan Case Bonner

July 10, 2015