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Weave Your Word in Me is a new Bible Study and Prayer Guide for tweens. It consists of 80 lessons that help young people discover those great God-truths Jesus has woven within the Lord’s Prayer. The 124 page workbook is organized around these four major units:

God the Father

God the Son

God the Holy Spirit

What God Wants

For students, the lessons are illustrated in color and include a variety of age appropriate methods, such as: cartoons, charts, definitions, drama, drawing, fill-in-the-blanks, illustrations, matching, multiple choice, sequence, true or false.

For parents and teachers the curriculum includes: a complete answer key for 6 major Bible translations, as well as, interesting and relevant companion activities — three for each lesson — which help bring the Bible truths to life.

This is what students are saying about the material:

“It teaches me about God and how he works.”

“I am having fun while learning about God. It helps me know what to pray for.”

“The questions make me feel like I’m with God.”

“I understand it and I get closer to God.”

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