2a — I Remember Those Rainbows

Those Awesome Rainbows —

My Grandpa and Grandma Potter owned a big three story house in Battle Creek, Michigan that was made into an apartment building. Each floor was a separate apartment. It was fun going to visit them when they lived on the first floor.

I remember the beautiful oak staircase that wound its way upstairs to where the tenants lived — and a lovely side room with cut glass windows that Grandma used for sewing.

This side room was ideal for sewing, because it was very sunny. At a certain time of day, when the sun was just right, light beamed through the cut-glass windows painting rainbows on its walls and ceiling. It was awe-inspiring, calming, and beautiful.

I think that was a little glimpse of what it must be like to see God sitting on his throne in heaven. Since God is the source of all light, beautiful colors shine forth from him including an emerald green rainbow that arches over his throne (see Revelation 4:2-3).

I can hardly wait to see him sitting under that rainbow with my own eyes. I know it will be awe-inspiring, calming, and beautiful — times one thousand.

(Awe = Deep respect mixed with cautious pause and wonder.)

My Prayer

I love learning more about You, Father. Help me to serve you with a whole heart and always be eager to do your will. I look forward to the time when I can see you face to face. Amen.