Kid Niche Publishing is proud to support our community with free Christian Resources available for download. If you have suggestions or ideas for items you would like to use at home, in Sunday school, or in religious formation classes, please let us know. We update this page periodically, so bookmark this page and check back for additional items.

ksig_Thumb_2Truth Crossword Puzzle — God Is Near To All Who Call On Him In Truth. Children will enjoy completing this crossword puzzle by using words that have something to do with truth. For other fun Bible activities, go to the Study Guide Activities Page.
Water Cycle Worksheet Water Cycle Worksheet — God Is Kind to All. Children will learn about the amazing water cycle as they match eight different parts of the cycle to corresponding color images. To see the complete Study Guide Activity about God’s kindness to both good and evil people, click here.


Apostle GameWhich Apostle Am I? — Self Study/Game. All children love guessing games, so what a fun way for them to learn or review the biblical facts about each of Jesus’ 12 apostles. Great for family devotions or Sunday School also. For teachers or parents interested in a copy with biblical references and other notations, contact Susan here.

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