Tucked-In Prayers

There are certain life-phrases that stick with us and create a warm glow in our hearts. “Tuck me in, Mommy” is one of those phrases — the time spent between a parent and child

Waiting and Frustrated

I suspect that I am not the only one who asks God: “Why do I have to wrestle with you at times, Father, to get a simple answer?” “I would like to be able to sit down, look in your face, ask a


Sometimes, when I pray, I don’t have anything to say. I’ve already spoken to God about the concerns on my heart and I know he’s heard me. Yet I still desire to draw near to God, to spend

A New Zing Ding

This is the first official preview of one of my new Zing Dings — Proverbs for Modern Times. I think it has many applications to prayer. See what you think.   The OUGHT’S are out there

God at Work

You want to talk to God. Great! Now what? First, get to know him better for what he has done. It makes sense. After all, when you want to get to know another person, you watch them at work in

Unite My Heart

2 or 1. Which is better? It depends on whether I desire tacos or wisdom. When I’m hungry for tacos, 2 is great! But when I’m hungry for wisdom, 2 or more options — not so good. In Psalm 86:11

Even in the Farthest Galaxy

You want to pray with more heart. So do I. One way of growing in this endeavor is to take a prayer of the Bible and put it in your own words. The following is my way of re-praying Psalm 139

The Lowdown on Dirt

Two bushes in my yard — one is deep green and full of big, gorgeous leaves, the other is yellowish green, with sparse leaves. Both are the same type of bush, both get the same amount of

The Dreaded B Word

Young children are so honest! One little boy piped up in Children’s Church this weekend, “Oh no! Not prayer time. It’s so boring.” I feel like that more than I care to admit. And for me, I know

When the Unthinkable Happens

January 6, 2015 Update: The following blog was written the night I learned that my first cousin’s 7 year old grandson had taken an 8 foot free fall inside a metal bucket that had been

A New Kind of Prayer Journal

Pray Often Pray Real — The Pray-Like-Jesus Journal is for young people who: ● want to hear God speak to them. ● want to know how Jesus prayed and practice praying like Him. ● want to