Keith Susan HeroKeith and I are privileged to live in Traverse City, Michigan, the resort area of the state. It is situated on Grand Traverse Bay,Keith with Fish a large, beautiful double bay of Lake Michigan where the fishing is spectacular. We own a couple of acres with a farm house and barn, most of which we renovated ourselves. Our two children, Kate and Justin, went through junior and senior high school here. We definitely consider Traverse City our home!

Both Keith and I graduated from Columbia International University in Columbia, South Carolina, in the late 70’s with degrees in Biblical Education. Whereas Keith went on into careers as an electrician and air traffic controller in Christmas 2012 MirrorSouth Carolina, Texas, and Michigan, I pursued teaching as a parent, Sunday school teacher, Christian education director, Christian school teacher, home school teacher, and chapel and conference speaker as we moved across the country.

The common thread in all of these ministries has been to teach the Bible simply and creatively so that children of all ages can understand and embrace its teachings. Our new venture as publishers is an expansion of that life-focus by equipping others to do the same. With an ever growing family (we were delighted to officially add Kate’s beloved Kevin into our family in 2013) spread across the country in New York, South Carolina, and California, we take the opportunity to market our resources from coast to coast as we stay in touch.

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What is a kid niche?

It’s a place we often go

to wonder, marvel, learn, and grow.


What does a kid niche look like? 

Sometimes it looks like a tree house, or a comfortable lap,

or a favorite room, or a snuggly bed, or a secret hiding place,

or an outdoor adventure, or a seat next to a special friend.


But always it looks like a place deep inside our souls

where life-changing things occur.