little boyCapture the Moment (A True Story)

I happened to be walking past a church with my 5 year old grandson, when he spontaneously asked me, “What do people do in that building?” (You see, much to my regret, his parents have never taken him to church.)
I told him that people pray and worship the one true God in there and care for each other.
He replied, “Do you do that too?”
I told him, “Yes, I do.”
He then genuinely asked, “Can you teach me to pray, Grandpa?”
I gladly replied, “Yes, I would love to.”
When we arrived back at the house, I thought of your book My Whole Self Before You that I had tucked away and I began using it to teach him to pray. Thank you for writing such a meaningful, child-friendly resource that makes it so easy for me to pass down this important life-skill to my grandson.


little boyEngage Both Mind and Heart

This is how tweens describe their mind and heart experiences with our prayer curriculum called Weave Your Word in Me.

“It teaches me about God and how he works.”

“I am having fun while learning about God.”

The My Prayer section helps me know what to pray for.”

“The questions make me feel like I’m with God.”

“I understand it and I get closer to God.”


jesusTeach Like Jesus

When Jesus was asked to teach his disciples to pray, what did he do?

He not only taught them the most inspiring prayer of all time known as the Lord’s Prayer, he also ingeniously wove God-truths within each phrase of the prayer to help his followers come to know their Maker better.

Our resources at Kid Niche Christian Books join Jesus in this endeavor by helping children:

  • understand each phrase and idea of the Lord’s Prayer at their own level
  • engage with the One these concepts reveal
  • desire more

So shine God's light further and mentor your children in prayer....