Tucked-In Prayers

There are certain life-phrases that stick with us and create a warm glow in our hearts. “Tuck me in, Mommy” is one of those phrases — the time spent between a parent and child

When Life Feels Uncertain

Life feels very uncertain. Things around me that have provided a daily sense of confidence and strength are sick, shaky, turned upside down, and in danger of vanishing altogether. My dear,

Prayer is Priceless

Keith and I were brainstorming about possible prayer slogans a while back. We started with the concept that “talk is cheap.” This spurred the thought, “Yeah, but prayer is priceless.” There is so

A Morning Song

Do you have a morning song? A song that often flows from your heart when you first wake up in the morning? I have several that God uses as a reverse lullaby – a first greeting to Him – a

Meandering Persistence

Water! Water is my inspiration. Not a gushing mighty river, but a winding, meandering stream that courses it’s way through flat, uncharted territory to find its way to the sea. It is easy to fall


Sometimes, when I pray, I don’t have anything to say. I’ve already spoken to God about the concerns on my heart and I know he’s heard me. Yet I still desire to draw near to God, to spend

God at Work

You want to talk to God. Great! Now what? First, get to know him better for what he has done. It makes sense. After all, when you want to get to know another person, you watch them at work in

Even in the Farthest Galaxy

You want to pray with more heart. So do I. One way of growing in this endeavor is to take a prayer of the Bible and put it in your own words. The following is my way of re-praying Psalm 139

The Dreaded B Word

Young children are so honest! One little boy piped up in Children’s Church this weekend, “Oh no! Not prayer time. It’s so boring.” I feel like that more than I care to admit. And for me, I know